27 փետրվար, 2017 09:47 Risks of New Escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh: Crisis Group’s Overview A flare-up up of hostilities in April 2016 left no doubt that the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, located between Russia, Turkey and Iran and at the heart of the EU’s eastern neighbourhood, is a dangerous tinderbox. Armenian and Azerbaijani forces clashed in the most extensive confrontation since the end of the 1992-1994 war. Up to 200 people lost their lives; Azerbaijan seized two small pieces of territory, changing the status quo on the ground for the first time since the 1994 ceasefire; and the public mood hardened on both sides. The episode re-galvanised efforts, led by the OSCE Minsk Group, to resolve the conflict peacefully, but amid higher stakes: a stalled process now carries the risk of fighting breaking out on a deadlier scale. 25 փետրվար, 2017 19:25 The Armenian Defense Ministry Reports an Azerbaijani Infiltration Attempt The Armenian Defense Ministry DM has released video material of an Azerbaijani infiltration attempt that took place on the night of February 24 and the early hours of 25th
The Armenian DM spokesperson, Artsrun Hovhannisyan informs that Azerbaijani Special Forces tried to simultaneously infiltrate into Armenian controlled territories from the southeastern Martuni and eastern Akna, Aghdam fronts of the Contact Line
The DM also reports that the Nagonro Karabagh Defense Forces have fended off the attack As a result, the adversary sustained considerable losses
As explained by the DM spokesperson, the night vision recording shows how Azerbaijani Special Forces initiate the infiltration attempt by first puting to action demining technology, and the dust generated following the dissolution of the mines The video also shows the response of the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army following the Azerbaijani advancement and lastly, the casualties of the Azerbaijani Army 
24 փետրվար, 2017 19:44 Caucasus Nature Fund- regional problems and solutions A conversation with Joseph Alexander Smith, communications and visibility consultant for the Georgia based Caucasus Nature Fund, on regional problems of nature and wildlife preservation and their visible and accessible solutions. 15 փետրվար, 2017 18:07 From Sundance to Armenia: Doug Blush advises documentary filmmakers Editing and producing can make or break any film, documentary or feature. Multiple award winning documentary film director, video editor, cinematographer Doug Blush and film producer and programer Melik Karapetyan have combined forces in guiding the new generation of filmmakers in Armenia on how to approach the making of “documentary films that reveal the unknown, the new, and the forbidden”. More about the program, Armenian cinema and the need to preserve and represent films “loved to death”. 15 փետրվար, 2017 13:24 Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal sentenced to 15 months on charges of propagating terror On February 14, an Istanbul court sentenced prominent Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal to a suspended prison term of 15 months on charges of propagating terror on behalf of the Kurdish Worker's Party in one of his articles.
Hasan Cemal is a Turkish journalist, writer, and the grandson of Djemal Pasha. He is known for acknowledging and apologizing for the Armenian Genocide, a crime which was perpetrated in part by his grandfather. His 2012 book on the subject (written in response to the 2007 assassination of his friend Hrant Dink) is titled 1915: Armenian Genocide.
13 փետրվար, 2017 16:33 Armenia’s paralympic athlete born out of the earthquake։ Stas Nazaryan Stas Nazaryan from Spitak lost his leg in the 1988 earthquake. But disability does not keep him back from pursuing his dreams. Stas has been skiing and sailing for about 20 years. Now he’s not only a successful athlete, but also a coach. 11 փետրվար, 2017 11:31 Քվեն ուժ է․ Սերժ Թանկյանի կոչն ընտրություններից առաջ | Serj Tankian: A Vote is the Truth, a Vote is Power Սերժ Թանկյանը կոչ է ուղղում հայ ընտրողներին ու հանրությանը ապրիլյան ընտրություններին ընդառաջ։

Serj Tankian, System of a Down frontman, a solo artist and an advocate for the Justice Within Armenia initiative, address compatriots in Armenia and the diaspora with a call for free and fair elections.

“A vote is the truth, a vote is the people's will, a vote is power,“ says Tankian and asks independent observers to join the effort and safeguard the people’s vote in Armenia, be “our eyes and ears at the polling stations.”
10 փետրվար, 2017 19:16 Baku's Black List: leading countries and professions CivilNet took a closer look at the Azerbaijani Persona Non Grata list to find out which countries and professions are leaders on the “blacklist" which has gone from being 435 names long in 2015 to 623 names as per the December 7, 2016 update.
It would not be a big spoiler if we disclosed straight away that journalists are leading the list, and that politicians follow closely. But there are a few surprises.
9 փետրվար, 2017 19:59 Azerbaijan’s persuasive powers of extradition - The Lapshin case Alexandr Lapshin got into Azerbaijan’s persona non grata list when his posts about Nagorno Karabakh on his Life Adventures blog got a little political. Then Lapshin blindsided Azerbaijani authorities and entered the country using his Ukrainian passport that has a slightly different spelling of his name and Baku sent the interpol looking for him. 7 փետրվար, 2017 22:43 Two civil societies, one monitoring mission - Parliamentary elections in Armenia "Becoming an election observer - How & Why" a much needed discussion RepatArmenia, Impact Hub Yerevan, in cooperation with Transparency International Anticorruption Center and Europe in Law Association organized in Yerevan. The mission is to engage more repatriates and diaspora Armenians in the upcoming parliamentary elections. 6 փետրվար, 2017 02:57 Let's correct this historic mistake, Garo Paylan Garo Paylan, a member of the Turkish Parliament representing HDP (People's Democratic Party), details on his suspension from parliament for using the word Genocide and the contrast and "envy" he felt when a week later, he witnessed the German Bundestag commemorate the Holocaust. "I was coming from an entirely different atmosphere; from my country, where the atrocities of yesterday haven't been acknowledged and the atrocities of today go on with impunity... I felt sorry for my country," writes Paylan in an article for Agos.
3 փետրվար, 2017 11:56 Alexis Ohanian of Reddit invites Americans to share their stories of immigration, as does he Following President Trump's "Travel Ban", in what has become one of the most popular and relatable posts in the history of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of the social news website writes, "My forebears were brave refugees who found a home in this country. I’ve always been proud to live in a country that said yes to these shell-shocked immigrants from a strange land."
Ohanian, who is also a signatory to the Justice Within Armenia Initiative that calls for free and fair elections in Armenia and encourages diaspora Armenians to get involved by becoming election observers, shared the story of his great grandfather who survived the Genocide and found a sanctuary in the US and called on others to do so. There were more than 32,000 responses to Ohanian's story.
2 փետրվար, 2017 18:59 Technology First, Therefore Armenia? Benivo (formerly Flat Club), a startup company which recently raised $10 million in venture capital and helps companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple relocate junior associates, decided to base its technology headquarters in Armenia and hired its first employees two years ago. Currently they employ 20 people in Yerevan, and hoping to be employing 40 in a couple of years. A conversation with Benivo founder and CEO Nitzan Yudan on Civilnet.