Day 37, Diary of War, Nagorno Karabakh

Met a very nice woman today. Her husband and eldest son are in the war, and she and her two children are in the shelter.

“Sometimes it seems to me that I can’t bear it anymore, but I don’t know where the strength comes. I lost my father after the first war, and now my husband and son are there,” she says.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to them. Have you spoken to your son?”

“Yes, he called…”

“What did he say? And husband?”

“Everything is bad… I am so afraid of the consequences of this war… Bad premonition…”

I could not understand, if she talked to them, then what is the problem? They are alive!

The phone rang. She took the phone, was silent. My heart sank. Sits, does not move. A tear slowly slides down her cheek, her eyebrows move, she does not utter a sound…

“What? What happened?” I ask, afraid to hear the answer.

Continues to be silent …

After a while it became clear, he called and said: “I think we are in an ambush. I’m not sure if I can call again… Look after the children, I love you…”

There is still no news from him. We are sitting, waiting for his call…

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