Investigators conduct a search at offices

The Investigative Committee of Armenia reports that an investigation into the criminal case related to the recording and dissemination of the telephone conversation between Armenia’s National Security Service Director Arthur Vanetsyan and the Head of the Special Investigation Service Sasun Khachatryan is underway.

“An investigative group has been created and joint measures with the operative-intelligence agencies are being undertaken to shed light on all the circumstances of the incident. Based on the facts obtained in the criminal case, motions were filed and approved by the court to conduct searches in six different addresses.

Taking into account public interest, we inform that today, among other addresses, the operative-investigative group has visited the news platform office to conduct a search in accordance with the law.

We state that the search in the editorial office is in no way affiliated with the journalistic activities but is solely aimed at ensuring a comprehensive, objective and complete investigation of the criminal case to verify the preliminary findings: to find out the method of the secret recording and dissemination of telephone conversations between the two law enforcement officials and other various factors.

In the interests of the criminal case, other details are not subject to publicity at this time and information on the results will be provided later,” reads the Investigative Committee’s statement.