In France, Pashinyan Outlines Vision for Armenia’s Economy

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s working visit to France continues. On the second day of his visit, the PM met with members of the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF). In a speech, he touched upon the priorities for Armenia’s economic development.

“In Armenia there has been a non-violent, velvet national revolution which is not only a revolution of politics but of values. It is important to emphasize that in the end, this revolution will not be meaningful if we fail to reach an economic revolution in Armenia,” said Pashinyan, adding that there should be clear rules for economic activity.

“Economic activities should be in full compliance with the law and we will support everyone to create as many jobs as possible and, of course, pay taxes. We have started the reforms in the country’s tax code,” the prime minister continued.

He also added that the government is facing another problem related to previous policies: “We note that numerous companies in Armenia were forced to operate within the rules and logic which had existed, particularly broad corruption and patronage.”

Pashinyan gave the example of the French supermarket “Carrefour”. According to him, Carrefour was the only supermarket operating lawfully in Armenia. And as a result of this solitude, this huge supermarket began a process of shrinking.

“And now I can say that this process has stopped and the expansion process is guaranteed, because all supermarkets are operating within the law, and there simply cannot be any other option,” added Pashinyan.

The Investment President of the MEDEF Committee Philippe Delleur noted that taking into consideration the existence of historically established friendly relations between the two countries, MEDEF is interested in the development and expansion of economic cooperation, strengthening the business ties of the two countries.

Delleur added that the Movement is ready to work actively in that direction.

Referring to the government’s economic vision, Pashinyan said that the executive’s goal is to turn Armenia from an agrarian country into a high-tech one.

“The IT sector in Armenia is dynamically developing. Different companies are already interested in launching high-tech products in our country, ” said the prime minister ensuring that the Armenian government is inclined to solve all the problems in an open, frank, honest dialogue.