Manuk Hergnyan: Economic Leapfrogging Requires Much More Complex Efforts

Manuk Hergnyan, a managing partner at EV Consulting and Granatus Ventures, talks to CivilNet’s host interviewer and AUA Associate Professor of Economics Aleksandr Grigoryan about Armenia’s recent economic dynamics and competitiveness. While recent political changes led to significant improvements in key aspects of business environment, particularly in increasing transparency and creating a level playing field for businesses, according to him those are not sufficient to enable faster growth. Only marginal improvement in competitiveness rankings, record low level of share of investments in GDP reflect this reality. The development requires more complex policies, and he particularly stresses on the need for intensive investments in human capital. He formulates his vision for the Armenian workforce – to be fast learners. Manuk Hergnyan believes this will differentiate the country in its quest for attracting investments.