Republican Party of Armenia Will Participate in Parliamentary Elections

The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will take part in the December 9 parliamentary elections. The news was announced by the party’s vice president and ex-Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan.

Vigen Sargsyan was elected as the First Vice President of the party at the party council’s session on Sunday. Prior to the Velvet Revolution of April-May 2018, the post was occupied by former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Vigen Sargsyan told journalists on November 11 that he will be heading the party’s list in December’s parliamentary election. He headed the party’s list In the 2017 parliamentary election as well.

“The upcoming elections are not about deciding who will be in power,” he said, hinting that the victory of Nikol Pashinyan’s political allies is predetermined.

“The prime minister, whom our compatriots, gathered at the Republic square, pointed as the candidate of the nation, and whom the parliament gave the chance to do so, should continue to fulfill the commitment he has undertaken,” he continued.

Vigen Sargsyan mentioned that former President Serzh Sargsyan will not participate in the election campaign, neither will former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

“Today there is one bid for opposition in the parliament, and it comes from the Republican Party.”

Speaking about the party’s mistakes, Vigen Sargsyan noted that most of them are “typical of any party that has been in power for more than five years.”

By Zara Poghosyan

Edited by Syuzanna Petrosyan

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