Armenia Approves Use of Russian “Sputnik V” Vaccine

Armenia’s Ministry of Health has approved the use of Russian “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine in the country, the ministry’s information desk told CivilNet.

The ministry noted that its earlier announcement regarding the acquisition of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine intended for 3% of the population still stands. Weeks ago the ministry had said it intends to vaccinate 10% of Armenia’s population.

The decision to acquire the British AstraZeneca vaccine was based on both availability and the cost.

The Ministry of Health also said that vaccinations against COVID-19 will be carried out in sequential stages. In the first stage, residents of elderly care facilities and its employees, health care workers, employees of social care centers, people 65 and older, chronically-ill patients aged 16 to 64 will be vaccinated.

The next phase of vaccinations include lecturers, teachers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military servicemen, justice workers, public transport workers, and civil servants.

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