‘Our Legacies Anchor Us’: A Conversation with Rafi Baghdjian

Rafi Baghdjian, in conversation with Lara Tcholakian, speaks about the role that his forefathers and historical narratives have played in his personal and professional development. He shares his thoughts about his Armenian identity and heritage, andabout the values he has developed as a leader in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, working in such organizations as the Shell Oil Company and the IDeA Foundation.

Rafi Baghdjian is an executive with 35 years experience at Shell with assignments in the Netherlands, Japan, the UK, Oman, UAE and Qatar. In 2017, he moved to Armenia and was appointed CEO of the IDeA Foundation. He is currently advisor to several corporations and non-profit foundations, including IDeA, and is an international lecturer.

Program overview

Armenian leaders share inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life learnings and experiences. Down-to-earth, authentic and mindful conversations preserve the stories and legacies of families, and reflect on the lessons learnt from inherited collective trauma and introspective leadership.