Efforts to reform Karabakh Army remains top priority, president says


Arayik Harutyunyan, President of Nagorno Karabakh, said on Tuesday that the Artsakh (Karabakh) Defense Army will be reformed to effectively guarantee the security of its population.

During his visit to the Defense Ministry, Harutyunyan met with the high command staff of the army to discuss military reconstruction, defense capabilities, and strategies for improving social conditions of military personnel.

“We have a dignified and lasting peace agenda, but that also requires security guarantees. That is why the [Artsakh Army] exists, will remain, and become more efficient. As a result of the planned reforms, a professional army will be formed, where contract servicemen will play an important role,” the president said, adding that significant efforts will be focused on improving Artsakh’s security system in the near future.

Speaking about the improvement of the social and living conditions of military personnel, President Harutyunyan emphasized that with the active support of Armenia’s government, the housing problem for current and retired officers will be resolved by 2023. Additional work is expected to be done to provide social services to servicemen, and to the families of fallen and injured officers.