Education is the crucial weapon to transform us into a state of excellence. A conversation with Al Eisaian

Al Eisaian, in a conversation with Lara Tcholakian, reflects on the meaning that his memories of genocide stories, Armenian literature, and Armenian history have had to solidify his love, dedication and personal mission for Armenia and Artsakh. He shares how his family helped shape and enrich his leadership values, primarily related to integrity, justice and human kindness. His inspiration and drive for Armenia’s development is channeled by his actions to elevate the value of education and to awaken our personal power from within.

About Al Eisaian

Al Eisaian is the co-founder and CEO of IntelinAir, an aerial information analytics company. IntelinAir is the fifth company co-founded by Eisaian. Prior to this, he was the co-founder and CEO of IconApps, Inc., Global Head of Product for Opera Solutions, co-founder and CEO of Integrien Co., which was acquired by VMware, and co-founder of CreationPoint Systems. He earned an MBA from Pepperdine University, a BSEE from Oklahoma State University, and has completed work towards an MSEE on digital signal processing.

Program overview

Armenian leaders share inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life learnings and experiences. Down-to-earth, authentic and mindful conversations preserve the stories and legacies of families, and reflect on the lessons learnt from inherited collective trauma and introspective leadership.