Azerbaijani forces fire on Armenian positions with artillery and armored vehicles

By Emilio Luciano Cricchio

Azerbaijani forces fired on Armenian positions using artillery and armored vehicles on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border in the southern Syunik region on November 16 at around 1pm, according to a statement released by the Armenian Defense Ministry.

According to the ministry statement, as of 2pm, the situation in the eastern part of the border remains tense, and that as a result of intensive skirmishes, Azerbaijani forces lost armored vehicles.

In a second statement by the defense ministry, the ministry reported that as of 2:30pm, the situation continues to be extremely tense and that local battles are taking place.

Armen Grigoryan, the Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council, said in a televised interview that Armenia is applying to Russia, its strategic ally, to seek help in “recovering the country’s territorial integrity.” Grigoryan said that there are casualties and wounded on both sides, but he did not clarify the exact number. Grigoryan stated that the defense ministry will provide additional information in the near future.

On November 14, units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces with the help of armored vehicles crossed the state border into Armenian territory and surrounded four positions of the Armenian Armed Forces. According to a statement by the Security Council of Armenia, after negotiations took place, Azerbaijani troops left the territory of Armenia, and units of the Armenian Army withdrew from the four aforementioned combat positions.

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