“The consequences of the genocide have shaped the decisions I have made in life”, Vahe Keushguerian

Vahe Keushguerian, in conversation with Lara Tcholakian, speaks about the qualities and importance of good leadership, the various factors that shape us as individuals, and the consequences of historical traumas. He shares the story of his ancestors (from the region of Kilis and Sasun) who survived the Armenian Genocide, and reflects on the ways in which his inherited history may have impacted his drive, courage, perseverance, and agility. He explains how adversities and traumas can be overcome by identifying important meanings in life and by contributing to humanity in a productive and meaningful way.

About Vahe Keushguerian

Vahe Keushguerian is Advisor to the President of Artsakh for Development Programs. He is Founder and CEO of WineWorks, a winery incubator that offers winemaking and viticulture services, as well as strategic winery and marketing management support. Vahe permanently moved to Armenia in 2009 after which he founded Impact Hub, Co-Founded the EVN Wine Academy, and became a board member of EVN Report Magazine. He has over 30 years of experience in wine production and wine business brokering in the US, Italy (Tuscany and Puglia), and Armenia.

Program overview

Armenian leaders share inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life learnings and experiences. Down-to-earth, authentic and mindful conversations preserve the stories and legacies of families, and reflect on the lessons learnt from inherited collective trauma and introspective leadership.