“Our mission here is to improve the healing process of wounded soldiers”

Dr. Aram Gazarian, in conversation with Lara Tcholakian, speaks about his mission with the French medical team in Armenia since the 2020 Artsakh War, and about his experience working with French and local medical experts and wounded soldiers. He reflects on the ways in which his inherited family history have played an important role in his childhood as an Armenian in France, and on his existence, his identity, sense of resilience and service for the good. He shares his thoughts on the possibility of transforming pain into good, and the role of having a mission in life that allows us to be open to opportunities, to have a sense of necessity, and hope.

About Aram Gazarian

Dr. Aram Gazarian is Head of the Hand & Upper Limb Surgery Department at Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon, France. He led the medical team that performed one of the world’s first double-arm-and-shoulder transplant surgeries in Lyon. He is also Associate Professor at the Lyon Universities in France. He is Vice President of the International Union of the Land & Culture Organizations, and a member of the board of directors of the Armenian Medical Union of France in the Lyon region. Dr. Aram is the author of numerous publications in French journals.

Program overview

Armenian leaders share inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life learnings and experiences. Down-to-earth, authentic and mindful conversations preserve the stories and legacies of families, and reflect on the lessons learnt from inherited collective trauma and introspective leadership.