Presenting – #CivilNetCheck

CivilNet is proud to introduce its new fact-finding initiative – #CivilNetCheck.

#CivilNetCheck is here to expose fake news, misinformation, and media manipulation.

Regardless of which politician, institution, or party makes a false claim, or attempts to manipulate public opinion, we will expose it. Impartiality is fundamental.

We shed light on news stories that are false or misleading.

We also focus on social media – the fake posts and publications that go viral.

We are not interested in opinions or predictions. We only look for facts.

We assess the accuracy of statements made by politicians, in accordance with the international standards of fact-checking.

With an aim to hold officials and politicians accountable, #CivilNetCheck will track promises made and promises kept.

Our readers are our partners. We expect that you will inform us when you come across fake news. We will investigate them for you.

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