Armenia wins silver at World Chess Olympiad

By Mane Berikyan

The Armenian men’s chess team on Tuesday won silver at the 44th World Chess Olympiad held in Chennai, India.

Uzbekistan’s men’s team won gold after defeating the Netherlands, while Armenia beat Spain in the final match. Ahead of the final round, Armenia and Uzbekistan were equally ranked. India’s second team won bronze.

On Monday, Armenia defeated Azerbaijan 3-1, gaining the lead before heading into the last round of the open section.

Last year, China, the United States and Russia took gold, silver and bronze in the open section, respectively, while Armenia ranked 8th out of 185 teams representing 180 countries.

Meanwhile, the Armenian women’s team ranked 12th out of 162 country teams this year. The Ukraine women’s team won first place, followed by Georgia and India.

Last year, the Armenian women’s team ranked 6th out of 151 country teams.

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