Breaking down Armenia’s surging growth with Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan

Armenia’s economic activity index has increased by over 13% this year so far, with particularly strong growth in services, construction, and trade. Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan sat down with CivilNet’s Mark Dovich to break down the numbers and explain what’s happening. Kerobyan also talked about tamping down inflation, Armenia’s strengthening currency, and the Armenian government’s partial ownership of the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine, the country’s largest mining enterprise.

0:00 Why did forecasts for low economic growth this year fail to materialize?

2:29 Growth in the service sector and the influx of Russian citizens to Armenia

4:58 The construction industry and reforms to clean up government red tape

10:04 Surging trade and the role of the manufacturing sector in economic growth

13:07 How are rising inflation and a strengthening currency impacting the economy?

16:26 Helping Armenian businesses modernize equipment and attract high-skilled workers

21:50 The Armenian government’s plans for the mining industry

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