“We need strong leadership to harness the potential I see in Armenia”, Greg Aghamanoukian

Greg Aghamanoukian, in conversation with Lara Tcholakian, reflects on lessons learned from the past and his perspectives on the development of Armenia. He shares his professional experiences that led to his role as a social entrepreneur, as well as his involvement in various organizations, including the LA2DC Committee (for world genocide awareness and prevention), and Nairi Racing Club. He touches upon the role that the history of the genocide has had on him and on his journey towards a more meaningful and purposeful life

About Greg Aghamanoukian

Greg Aghamanoukian is an executive and an entrepreneur. He has served as CEO and president for several corporations in the US and in Canada, as well as VP of Finance for Wolfgang Puck. He started his career as a financial auditor and a financial controller for Ernst & Young and Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., respectively. He was Board Member for LA2DC – World Genocide Awareness and Prevention Committee, Sponsor for the Nairi Racing Club in Armenia, and member of the Angel Investor Club of Armenia.

Program overview

In a new open setting, Lara deconstructs inherited cultural and historical narratives, memories, life lessons and experiences from change catalysts. Her guests reflect on the stories, people, events and mindsets that have shaped their professional and personal lives, enabling them to create a more mindful life.



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