10th day of blockade in Artsakh: Food and medicine shortage deepens

  • On December 12, a group of Azerbaijanis dubbing themselves as “environmental activists”, blocked the Lachin corridor – the only route that connects Artsakh with Armenia and the outside world.
  • Humanitarian crisis intensifies in Artsakh as 120,000 people, including 30,000 children, find themselves under siege.
  • 1,100 citizens are unable to return home due to a blocked road.
  • There are more than two dozen patients with serious health problems in the intensive care units of hospitals.
  • 13 of them are children in need of urgent transfer to medical institutions in Armenia.
  • Overall, 350 patients need to be transported to Armenia for medical care.
  • All planned medical operations have been suspended.
  • 400 tons of food used to be delivered daily to Artsakh from Armenia.
  • The transport blockade threatens a shortage of food, medicines and fuel.
  • The humanitarian crisis worsens in Artsakh.

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