Jerusalem’s Armenian community continues protests against controversial land deal

As we continue to bring you on-the-ground coverage from Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter, CivilNet’s team spoke with Hagop Djernazian, a young Jerusalemite Armenian activist who has been organizing weekly protests calling for a controversial land deal to be revoked. In 2021, 18 Armenian clergymen at the Saint James Brotherhood in Jerusalem co-signed a statement raising concerns about a deal leasing a section of the Armenian Quarter, called the Cows’ Garden, to an Israeli Australian businessman for 99 years. Hagop and other community members we spoke to stated that the Armenian residents and community members were not properly informed or consulted about the deal. They believe the deal will have long term consequences for the Armenian presence in Jerusalem’s Old City, and have been calling for the deal to be revoked – urging everyone globally to speak out against the handover.

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