Karabakh mother’s search for food results in death of two children

Two children in Karabakh, whose mother left them to find food in a nearby town, were found dead last Saturday in a car.

The single mother of three-year-old Leo and six-year-old Gita, who lives in Aghabekalanj Village in Karabakh’s Martakert region, left her sleeping children alone at home on July 7 to walk 5 kilometers to the nearby town of Martakert to get cooking oil, sugar, and other foods.

Three-year-old Leo (left) and six-year-old Gita (right)

Azerbaijan’s blockade of the region has caused critical supply shortages of essential foods and other household items. The lack of fuel means that the small amount of local production is unable to reach remote areas like Aghabekalanj.

Upon waking up, the two children began searching for their mother. According to footage from road cameras, the children became tired and decided to sit in an abandoned car parked by the road. They eventually fell asleep.

The owner of the car told CivilNet that he had left the vehicle on the street because there is no fuel and cars are not being used due to fuel shortages.

Despite the searches conducted through the night, the children were not found until Saturday morning, when the owner of the car decided to check on his vehicle and found the lifeless bodies of the two children. The cause of the children’s death was heat exhaustion in the enclosed car.

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