Armenia’s AI Advancements, Gaps & Opportunities

Nearly a year ago, Armenia became the first country in the world to use AI technology in the field of social support by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The agency uses machine learning to help social workers find and assist vulnerable people more effectively. AI technology is also being used to help the Armenian Corruption Prevention Commission by enhancing the watchdog agency’s ability to scrutinize and declare assets filed by politicians and public servants.

In addition, last year, the Armenian government, in collaboration with the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), introduced the Generative AI educational program in the public school system, bringing the world of artificial intelligence to schools across the nation.

Despite the progress, challenges like expanding AI education and Research and Development remain prevalent in the country. CivilNet is at DataFest Yerevan 2023 at the American University of Armenia, to speak with specialists in the field to understand these challenges and learn about potential solutions.

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