“My goal is to use AI to help make the world a better place”, Paolo Pirjanian, Ph.D

In this episode, we explore the life of Paolo Pirjanian, PhD., the founder and CEO of Embodied, Inc., the company that created the infamous Moxie robot. Born to Armenian parents in Tehran, Paolo’s life turned upside down during the Iranian revolution, forcing him and his family to flee and eventually settle in the small town of Aalborg in Denmark. There, he faced even more distress due to discrimination, social isolation and rejection. As a result of his curiosity and grit, Paolo magically discovered the new world of robotics and machine learning, which directed him towards a successful career with NASA JPL, iRobot and Evolution Robotics. In this discussion, we touch upon the advantages and concerns connected to AI, the role of and problems with leaders and educational systems today, the purpose and mission behind Moxie the robot, and the future of Armenia after the 2020 Artsakh war and the resulting ethnic cleansing.

About Paolo Pirjanian, Ph.D

Paolo Pirjanian is the founder and CEO of Embodied, Inc., a company established in 2016 with the vision of building socially and emotionally intelligent companies that improve care and wellness and enhance our daily lives. Pirjanian is the former CTO of iRobot and an early leader in consumer robotics with 16+ years of experience developing and commercializing cutting-edge home robots. He worked at NASA JPL and led world-class teams and companies at iRobot®, Evolution Robotics®, and others.

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