Armenian Nobel Peace Prize

In this week’s episode of Insights, host Eric Hacopian unpacks the joint US, EU and Armenia meeting in Brussels. He also touches on the status of the Armenians imprisoned in Baku for over 6 months, including Ruben Vardanyan who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Hi Eric –

    Your direct, honest and open discussions are refreshing. I believe that your ideas and opinions are constructive. However, I also think that you unnecessarily discredit yourself by cursing Western officials in your show. There is no doubt that Samantha Power is a hypocrite but it appears that finally she’s trying to make up for her past mistakes. So let’s encourage people like Ms. Powers instead of shaking salt on wounds.

    Than you,

  • Good episode; looking forward to next week’s show!😁🇦🇲

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