Aznavour Calls Publication of his ‘Interview’ a ‘Reprehensible Manipulation’

charles aznavour“I have not given any interview to the Turkish newspaper Posta. I am deeply insulted by this reprehensible manipulation.” This was a statement made by Armenia’s Ambassador to Switzerland and world renowned singer Charles Aznavour on his Facebook page.

On November 4, the Turkish Posta published an ‘interview’ with Aznavour, noting that the singer had also received the Golden Maple award.

Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tigran Balayan was quick to respond, stating that Ambassador Aznavour had given no such interview and had not received any award.

Posta’s Erkan Ozerman informed CivilNet that a meeting had taken place with Aznavour where he had accepted the award. Ozerman also provided CivilNet with a number of photos from that meeting. He did admit, however that the ‘interview’ was a ‘collage’ based on previous statements and interviews that Aznavour had given in the past.