Armenia’s Government and Businesses Implement New Measures Over Coronavirus

Armenian organizations, businesses, and the government are adapting measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the country. 

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in an interview with Shant TV announced that the government will provide over USD 300 million (AMD 150 billion) to support the economy and businesses. “We want to take measures that will help not only businesses but also reach specific people,” he said. Prime Minister added that the Government will subsidize 50 percent of the loan interests for the companies that will borrow money from Armenian commerical banks to pay their taxes, bills and employees’ salaries. 

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan reported that new hospital wards are being built next to the Nork Infection hospital for additional 40 patients. According to Torosyan, the infrastructure will be ready within three to four days.

Torosyan also mentioned that he personally transferred $200 to support the fight against the coronavirus. With this action, he encourages those who can to donate and support the fight against the virus. 

“I would like to remind you that the Ministry of Finance has opened a treasury account to support the Ministry of Health’s measures to prevent and overcome the coronavirus,” said Torosyan. 

Yerevan State Medical University announced it will transfer $4,000 to that account.

Hasmik Harutyunyan, the spokesperson for Anna Hakobyan, wife of the prime minister, reported that Hakobyan has applied to the Ministry of Health yesterday to volunteer. On March 16, the Ministry of Health called on people for the recruitment of volunteers with the purpose of implementing various actions amid the coronavirus situation. More than 2000 people have already registered and expressed readiness to be involved in the ministry’s works.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure informed that domestic trains and stations are getting cleaned regularly..

Staff working with passengers are provided with medical masks, gloves, and antibacterial fluids. Stations are systematically ventilated and disinfected. 

Passengers at all stations are regularly informed via an audio recording about the individuals’  behaviors that can prevent the spread. Special rooms have also been set up at the stations, which will be provided to passengers or staff who may be ill.

President Armen Sarkissian signed the Amendments and Additions to the Law on General Education and Additions to the Law on Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan to introduce distance education in Armenia. Because of the coronavirus crisis, educational establishments such as schools and universities are closed., a food delivery service, announced that they have brought in a new “Delivery of Everything” service. The company will ship any dishes and products from restaurants and shops that they regularly didn’t used to work with directly to residents’ houses. They will also ship documents and personal items so that people do not go out and do not put themselves and the others at risk. 

Photo credit: Photolur