Three Servicemen Tested Positive for Coronavirus

By Ani Paitjan

Three servicemen tested positive for coronavirus on March 26.

One day earlier, Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of Armenia’s Minister of Defense, stated that the test was made after the presence of the coronavirus was detected in a family member of one of the soldiers.

“The confirmed cases of three servicemen are interconnected and related to one of the focal points in the country,” wrote Stepanyan on her Facebook page. As a preventive measure, the servicemen were isolated and those who were in contact with them are in self-isolation.

Another 32 soldiers were sampled to be tested for the presence of the virus.

The three soldiers are now hospitalized and according to Stepanyan, their health condition is satisfactory, no pneumonia has been reported, one soldier has a slight fever, and the two others have no temperature or other symptoms characteristic of the disease.

“I assure you that soldiers with the symptoms of coronavirus disease receive high quality and effective medical care, and their lives are not at risk,” said Stapanyan.

The press secretary insisted that very large-scale preventive measures have been implemented to limit the risks of the virus. 

“Strict restrictions are applied to all military units to prevent the penetration of the infection, and daily monitoring of health military personnel is established,” said Stepanyan.

She added that the Armed Forces are equipped with necessary material and that medical staff is ready to carry out appropriate treatment of possible patients with the novel coronavirus. 

The location of the servicemen is unknown. Stepanyan only stated that it is located at a considerable distance from the front line.