22 April, 2018 11:16

The Conversation of Nikol Pashinyan and Serzh Sargsyan

On the morning of April 22, Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the #RejectSerzh protest movement and Member of Parliament, met with Prime Minister Serzh Sarsgyan. The meeting took place in the Marriott Armenia hotel and lasted only three minutes. Below is the English translation of the conversation.

SS - First of all, I’m happy you responded to my numerous appeals to negotiate. Although, speaking frankly, I can’t really understand how can we negotiate at the presence of dozens of reporters. I’m glad nonetheless.

NP - I think there is a misunderstanding  because when yesterday we talked about Mr. [Serzh] Sargsyan, I had very clearly stated our position that we’re not talking about dialogue, as you proposed, but the agenda that we have brought forward. I have come here to discuss the terms of your resignation and the terms of a peaceful and smooth transition of power. Therefore, I call on you not to use the term “dialogue.”

SS - These are not negotiations. Ok, it’s not negotiations, it’s not a dialogue, it’s an ultimatum, blackmail to the state, to the legitimate authorities. You do not realize the extent of responsibility, you have not learned from the events of March 1 [2008], and if it’s the tone of speaking, then all that is left for me to do is once again advise you to act legally and within the boundaries of logical actions. Otherwise all responsibility lies on you. Choose.

NP - Mr Sargsyan, I want to be very clear. No one has dared to and can dare to speak to us in the language of threats. I say you do not realize the situation in Armenia now, it’s not what you’re used to know - 15, 20 days ago. The situation in the Republic of Armenia has changed. You don’t have the authority which your people report to you. The power of the Republic of Armenia has already passed to the hands of the people.  That’s first of all.

SS - The bloc [Parliamentary YELQ faction] that has received 7-8 percent of people’s vote in the elections has no right to speak in the name of the entire nation. And I have no wish to continue this conversation with you. If you do not want to comply with legitimate demands… [stands up and leaves] . And I ask you, the reporters, to make your conclusions yourselves.

NP - I’m telling you that all our actions are legitimate. Good bye. You can make conclusions yourself. I would like to record that … (video ends)

After Serzh Sargsyan left Nikol Pashinyan made a statement, calling on the citizens to continue their protest against Serzh Sargsyan.