9 May, 2018 17:11

Nikol Pashinyan visits Karabakh and joins in the commemoration of the Liberation of Shushi Day

Nikol Pashinyan takes his first official trip as prime minister to Nagorno Karabakh. He joins President Bako Sahakyan of Karabakh and Barkev Srpazan in the joint celebration of the Liberation of Shushi, the founding of the army of Artsakh and World War II Victory Day. The day began with a procession to the cemetery to honor the fallen soldiers of the Karabakh War, continued to the tank that stands on the road to Shushi, and concluded in front of Vazgen Sargsyan statue in Shushi. The trip was an opportunity to discuss the new confirmation of Pashinyan and to begin discussions about the relationship between Armenia and Karabakh moving forward.