15 May, 2018 15:53

“There Will Be No Return to the Old” - Nikol Pashinyan

CivilNet reporter Mkrtich Karapetyan questions Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on his Cabinet choices, his visit to Sochi with President Vladimir Putin and plans on filling out the roles of government across the country.

MK:What can you say about the appointments of the deputy prime minister and the Head of the National Security Service, since they are linked to businesses [that their families own/operate]?

NP:In what sense?

MK:There are businesses linked to them.

NP: If there is an instance where we will have an understanding that any kind of linked activity outside of the principles of the Velvet revolution, there will be specific responses. I think that now all of us, the public, the media, have the opportunity to implement controls and it will be effective.

MK: What are your impressions from the meetings in Russia? You mentioned that there are issues discussed and not discussed with Russia. Did you [receive] clarifications to the questions not discussed?

NP: Yes, all the issues were discussed. And I am very satisfied with the meetings. It was a very productive visit and I am sure that the effectiveness of those interactions and relations will only increase in the near future.

MK: Mr Pashinyan, do you expect retaliation from the Republicans? There are speculations that they’re regrouping their forces to initiate an anti-revolution.

NP: You know, I have already stated my opinion on this matter, and I have said there will be no return to the old. These are fairy tales.

MK: As to the process of appointments, with regards to the governors, will they be jointly from ARF and the Prosperous Armenia parties?

NP: Yes.

MK: Mr Pashinyan, what stage is the government plan in?

NP: The plan will be presented within the designated time frame.