17 May, 2018 14:24

If we try to solve all the issues at once, we will fail all at once։ Pashinyan

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke to reporters in front of the Government Building today, prior to his weekly Cabinet meeting.

When asked about the issues raised by citizens, Pashinyan replied: "If we try to solve all the issues at once, we will fail all at once."

The prime minister touched upon the construction work and the trees cut in the park behind Yerevan's Myasnikyan monument, as well as calls for Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan's resignation.

He said that as far as he is informed, the park will be reconstructed and new trees will be planted in the place of the ones cut. Pashinyan stressed that "they will follow that it happens, and he does not think there can be any other way".

As regards the calls for resignation, according to Pashinyan, "It is not right to demand the resignation of everyone at once" the issue should be approached, "step by step".

The prime minister was also questioned about the closure of Arshakunyats Avenue by the relatives and supporters of the members of Sasna Tsrer who are jailed.

"It should be clearly defined who the action is against. In case of any protest action the worst thing is when the addressee is not clearly mentioned. There are processes... If anyone expects me to enter penitentiary institutions and open doors, this is not the right approach. There are procedures, there are institutions, there are situations," said the Prime Minister.