18 May, 2018 12:59

A tactical punch

Haik Ter-Nersesyan

The Zwischenzug (an intermediate move) is a chess tactic in which a player, instead of playing the expected move, first interposes another move posing an immediate threat that the opponent must answer, and only then plays the expected move (Wikipedia).

The time has come for a tactical punch. A type of punch that happens during the second round of a boxing match that solidifies the position of boxer, who won the first round. So far the second round has been a bumpy road.

Prime Minister Pashinyan must reserve a Prime Time “Address to the Nation” on national TV (not live Facebook address) where he must reassure the public of a fair future ahead. More specifically, he must address specific concerns and temper the expectations of “special interest” groups (taxi drivers, administrative employees, Sasna Tsrer sympathizers etc.) and explain that civil disobedience is counterproductive at this moment in time. Pashinyan must pick an all-hated villain from the opponent’s camp (a type of character that even the opponent team wouldn’t dare to stand by or for) and shame him, which should be followed by a legal action… Yeranosyan comes to mind.

Most important of all – the Prime Minister must bring to the national TV sets the “revolutionary Nikol”, the hawk, the angry warrior of justice. He may conclude with a positive message of hope but he must maintain the anger and fury to remind that the fight has just begun! He must buy people’s patience (and he must buy time), thus he must apply a Zwischenzug move.

The opponent is not asleep and utilized every moment to discredit him and may even attempt a come back in the future. It must be denied!


Haik Ter-Nersesyan is a graduate of Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs where his academic studies were focused on political risk analysis. Additionally, he holds two BA degrees in Political Science and Economics, with summa cum laude honors from Northeastern Illinois University. Haik has 15 years of financial services experience and currently works at a BIG 4 consulting firm in New York City as a Senior Consultant. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and applies his knowledge to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.