24 September, 2018 12:19

UN Secretary General Calls Armenian Revolution “A Fantastic Example”

United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has called the Velvet Revolution in Armenia “a fantastic example.”

In an live interview posted on the Facebook page of the UN, Guterres was asked how he would advise an ordinary citizen to fight the authoritarianism that has been advancing around the world. 

“It is true, we see authoritarianism being on the rise. And it is important to transfer into civil society. It’s important to have people and namely young people that are able to come together and to show that democracy, freedom, հuman rights are extremely important for our societies. We just had, recently, a fantastic example of a peaceful transition that was led by youth, Armenia. There was a peaceful governmental transition led by a youth movement and these are fantastic examples to show that there are reasons to hope that the youth generation would be able to do better than my own generation,” Guterres said.