1 November, 2018 21:13

Karabakh settlement should be accepted by Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan

Nikol Pashinyan stated that any settlement of the Karabakh issue should be accepted by the peoples of Armenia, Artsakh [Nagorno Karabakh] and Azerbaijan.

"Is there an official in Azerbaijan who is ready to repeat the same phrase, just say the same sentence? If there is an official who can repeat this sentence, we can really say that there is a window of opportunity," said Pashinyan during a special session of the National Assembly on November 1.

According to Pashinyan, if there is no such politician in Azerbaijan, it is still necessary to continue looking for what Azerbaijani counterparts mean by saying that there is a window of opportunity.

Pashinyan reiterated that Armenia is ready and committed to the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict.


At a special session of the National Assembly to elect a new prime minister, the acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was not elected prime minister for the second time. This means the parliament is dissolved by the rule of law. Early parliamentary elections in Armenia are expected to be held on December 9.

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