22 February, 2019 23:38

Armenia and Georgia Sign Military Cooperation Program

By Ani Paitjan

The defense ministers of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Georgia signed a 2019 military cooperation program on February 21. The Defense Minister of Armenia, David Tonoyan, announced the decision during a joint press conference at the Defense Ministry of Armenia with Georgian Minister of Defense, Levan Izoria, who was in Armenia for an official visit.

According to Tonoyan, the discussions with his Georgian counterpart, Izoria, were focused on the bilateral relations of the two republics in the defense field.

"This year is full military events, military education, human rights... and various anti-corruption measures. Armenia and Georgia mutually perceive and respect each other's preference and believe in the idea of having a secure and prosperous South Caucasus in the future," Tonoyan said.

Izoria said that the Georgian side is ready to share its expertise with the Armenian armed forces in a number of spheres.

Dr. Benyamin Poghosyan, Vice President for Research and Head of the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense Research University of Armenia, said the relationship between the two Caucasian countries is an open door to European countries and should be nurtured.

“The implementation of the Georgia-EU Association Agreement, as well as growing cooperation between Tbilisi and NATO, may well deepen Armenia’s understanding of opportunities and challenges on the road of Western-promoted reforms,” said Poghosyan.

The last bilateral agreement between the defense ministries of Armenia and Georgia was signed between former Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan and Levan Igoria in Tbilisi in 2016.

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