11 December, 2019 12:57

The Slums of Yerevan — Kond: A Photo Story

Next to the warm atmosphered cafes and modernized high-rise buildings in Yerevan resides an isolated and silent city called Kond. Kond, also known as Hin Yerevan, is considered to be one of the oldest districts in Yerevan with an estimated population of 5,000. This unique gem with narrow streets and small stone houses embraces a very special and bleak energy. Frequently, local street artists from different regions of Armenia visit the district to revive the walls of Kond Gallery with color and expression. Although the residences of Yerevan have attempted to forget about this abandoned island, the Kondecis say they never imagine themselves living anywhere else.

A classic from the Soviet Era

Old with the new—view of the Church of Saint John the Baptist from the Kond Gallery

All eyes on Kond

A pigeon shack made of rusty old materials

"Kond is our history.”— Edvard Avagyan, writer and historian

A prominent house on one of three main streets in Kond— Rustuveli

Regardless of their poor living conditions, the people who live here never imagine abandoning Hin Yerevan

A father daughter owned grocery shop in the heart of Kond

Old bed frame remains from early 1900s

The silver gem of Yerevan

“Our kids sometimes play in this old and beat up van. Since public transportation rarely comes to Kond, other than taxis, the kids call this the mashurtka of Kond.”

“Sure our city is somber, but interestingly, the laundry we hang gives our city life and color.”