27 December, 2019 15:46

Yerevan’s Festive Christmas Market Delights Locals and Tourists

By Emilio Luciano Cricchio

Yerevan gets into the holiday spirit as the Christmas market delights tourists and locals.

The annual pop-up market lining one of Yerevan’s central parks just off Republic Square has been a big hit, bringing Christmas cheer to people of all ages. 

The market will be open right up to around after Armenian Christmas which falls on the 6th of January.

Check out the stalls and celebrate your end of year at a classic European style Christmas market with an Armenian twist. 

The sellers have a whole plethora of goodies and treats to tickle your fancy.

Get some warm gluhwein and have a boozy walk down central Yerevan.

There’s even a chill-out spot that’s been constructed where people have been spotted sipping away at the seasonal beverage. 

Or perhaps get some traditional Armenian pastries and candy from the many stalls for those with a sweet tooth. 

It’s also a perfect destination for some last minute Christmas shopping, sellers have congregated from all over Armenia with some great gift ideas for that special someone. 

Many stalls are also selling festive knick knacks that would be ideal for decorating your humble abode. Be it baubles or other ornaments, you can search through the stalls to your heart’s content and find that perfect touch to complete your home decorations. 

Army marching bands, buskers, carolers, santa claus and childrens attractions have all been spotted bringing a smile to the faces of passersby.