The virus will teach us few things. It will most probably change the way we live. It already has!

Hollywood has taught us to believe in happy endings. We have been trained that everything will be all right and the day will be saved, maybe by a lowly scientist working somewhere in a basement. Maybe it will. I certainly do hope so. In the meantime though, the reality may be slowly settling in.

The pandemic with a not-so-sexy-name is spreading with a determination. I’m a lawyer. And I’m trained to negotiate. I believe in concessions. What’s scaring me though is that I know of no one who can negotiate with this dude. We can’t tell what it wants, what is it looking for. No response. None. So, I need to isolate myself from my peers and ask my colleagues to isolate themselves too. That’s what a prudent business leader should do. For the time being at least. But when will hope return to us? Will it? I’m trying not to be under illusions. I said trying!

The virus will teach us few things. It will most probably change the way we live. It already has!

We may learn to stay alone. To enjoy solitude. We may realize that really, our family is a treasure and our spouse and children are springs of wisdom and joy. We may learn to enjoy consuming less and being mindful. After all we may learn to wipe our ass like our good brother Muslims have been doing so for so many years. Yes, with water. We may be more compassionate, understanding and helpful. We may realize that we are sharing a tiny place called Planet Earth. Our home. Friends post videos of dolphins and swans coming back to Venice, swimming peacefully in waters bluer than in the past. After all we may realize that we are sharing this place called home. WITH THEM.

Yes, the virus has taught us to distance ourselves. We already have the buzz word “social distancing” and guess what? Some of us human species are already making money out of it! Hell, the corporate world and those of us trapped in the “hamster wheel” might realize that the secret of success is not in billables and invoiced amounts. Will we? Instead, will we take up adventures in the open space, run out of concrete jungles we pay for with mortgages (a.k.a slave neck collars) and go back to where we came from? The village hut, or even better the cave? I’m thinking aloud: shall we?

Some of us will pass away. That is for sure. But the good thing about it is that it will create the space we’ve been looking for millions of years. How quick our species will fill the empty space? Will the quarantine be used “efficiently” to make those babies that munch on processed food and end up obese and lazy? That go to war? That get trained to run the corporate treadmill and collect mortgage and college debt?

I believe I am also an optimist. Blame me or not, but I have a feeling of hope and joy inside. I am looking forward to the new reality that the virus is bringing to us. The lesson that it is teaching us. The challenge is to find ways in which we can adapt. To figure out. To cope. To jump on the learning rollercoaster. The ride will be painful, but after all, maybe helpful.

Welcome to your new reality! ARE YOU READY?

I’ve been wondering for the past couple of days.

Photo credit: Photolur