Ruben Vardanyan Responds to Money Laundering Investigation

In response to a recent money laundering investigation, businessman and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan said the published materials contained inaccuracies, information taken completely out of context, interpretations and pure inventions.”

Earlier in the week, Armenian and numerous international news outlets reported about an investigation into Troika Dialog, a private investment bank owned by Vardanyan. He served as the CEO and controlling shareholder of Troika Dialog from 1992-2012, until it was sold to Sberbank of Russia.

The investigation, dubbed “Troika Laundromat”, found that $8.8 billion was laundered through a network operated by Troika Dialog.

According to Vardanyan, Troika Dialog did everything “in full compliance with the principles of legality and transparency, in line with international standards.”

The investigation notes that it is unclear if Vardanyan was directly involved in the scheme. “There is no suggestion Vardanyan did anything illegal, though he may have been an unwitting beneficiary of the flow of money,” says the Guardian.

“Although, it is stated in most publications that there are no accusations against me, I have been targeted as the supposed mastermind for transactions of independent clients of one of Troika’s operating divisions that have subsequently been brought under suspicion,” responded Vardanyan.