Four Azerbaijani Servicemen Killed on Frontline, Nagorno Karabakh Army Reports  

The Defense Army of Nagorno Karabakh reported the prevention of a foiled saboteur attack and at least four Azerbaijani military casualties.

According to Karabakh’s Defense Army report, during the pre-dawn hours of June 22, Azerbaijani special units attempted a saboteur incursion along the line of contact between the two conflicting sides.

“The units of the Defense Forces which were on patrol duty, thanks to high level of training, preparedness and sufficient technological advances, were able to swiftly identify the forward movement of the opponent, inflict losses, at least four casualties, on the advancing force and push them back to their initial position,” the report said. “The Azerbaijani side, while on retreat, had left behind personal belongings on the area adjacent to Armenian positions.”

During the prevention of the foiled incursion attempt, the Armenian forces had not suffered any loss of personnel. “The situation at the frontline remains under the complete control of the Karabakh defense forces,” the report said.

The Defense Army of Nagorno Karabakh reported late last week that four Armenian soldiers were killed as a result of the ceasefire violation by Azerbaijani forces. The President of Nagorno Karabakh said the army would retaliate. Renewed fighting on the frontlines comes days after mediators from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe visited the region and called to revive peace talks.

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