Armenia's leadership was unprepared for war, ex-army chief says

The biggest reasons for Armenia’s defeat in the war were lack leadership and lack of knowledge about the war among those in the government, Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan, who stood down as head of the Defense Ministry’s military control service, told reporters Thursday. 

“Our military mobilization was not successful and the head of the country is responsible for it, the Minister of Defense, the military commissariat, the Minister of Territorial Administration,” Hakobyan said.

He criticized shortcomings in military readiness, saying defense officials purchased Russian fighter jets without the necessary missiles, which meant they couldn’t be used in the war. The country also took delivery of obsolete air-defense missile systems, he said. 

Hakobyan further accused the information centre of the Armenian Defense Ministry of spreading lies about the situation at the front during the war.

Armenia’s Prosecutor General’s office wrote in a Facebook post that it would investigate Hakobyan’s allegations. 

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