Pashinyan says calls for his resignation not supported by majority

“The fact is that the calls voiced by the opposition do not receive support from the broader Armenian society,” Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told Russian TASS news agency Wednesday.

Pashinyan admitted that there are internal political tensions in the country but that the calls for his resignation following the signing of the “end of war” statement have not been widely heard.

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Armenian opposition parties have been organizing protests in the country’s capital Yerevan following the trilateral agreement signed by presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia that saw large parts of Karabakh territory transferred to Azerbaijan, 

When asked about the possibility of early parliamentary elections, Pashinyan responded that the government and all political forces must focus on the restoration of the internal and external stability and security of the country.

Last week, Pashinyan presented a six-month government roadmap, which he says is meant to provide paths, methods and programs to overcome the current situation.

The prime minister told Tass News that only after the completion of the 15-point roadmap, he will make a decision on further steps.

“This does not mean that the government thinks everything is fine. We are all dissatisfied with the situation that has been created. But we must understand what alternatives we have. We must work so as not to worsen the situation, but to stabilize and improve it,” Pashinyan said.

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