Armenian villagers in Lachin remain uncertain about their future

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The Lachin region, which served as a land connection between Armenia and Karabakh, was handed over to Azerbaijan on December 1. According to the trilateral “end of war” statement signed on Novemer 9, a five kilometer corridor managed by the Russian peacekeepers will remain to continue to connect Armenia and Karabakh. There are rumors that in addition to the corridor, several towns and villages nearby will also remain outside Azerbaijan’s control. But with no clear information from the authorities, a portion of residents from the town of Berdzor and the villages of Aghavno and Sus are already leaving. 

Even if the villages do stay under the control of Russian peacekeepers, it remains to be seen whether residents will feel secure enough to continue their lives in the area. CIVILNET’s Tatul Hakobyan and Aren Grigoryan are in Lachin’s Berdzor and Aghavno areas.

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