Syunik: Azerbaijan is Closer Than Ever

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The 44-day Karabakh War has changed the situation on the ground not only in Artsakh, but also on the entire border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is especially true in Armenia’s southernmost Syunik Province.

While before September 27 there was roughly 120 kilometers between Armenia and Azerbaijan, today, the Azerbaijani city of Zangelan is only 10-12 kilometers away from Syunik’s villages. Within the first few weeks of the war, the Azerbaijani side was able to restore the Soviet Armenian and Soviet Azerbaijani borderline.

With Azerbaijan so close, the residents in Syunik are asking how the security of their roads will be guaranteed. And, what life will look like with Azerbaijani neighbors.

CIVILNET is on the road on the southeast border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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