Aghavno, Karabakh: “We Will Stay Until Death”

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The Aghavno community, also known as Ariavan, is located in the beginning section of the Berdzor / Lachin corridor that connects Karabakh and Armenia.

Per the November 9 “end of war” agreement signed by the heads of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, the Berdzor / Lachin region was handed over to Azerbaijan. However, since Aghavno is located in the vicinity of the corridor controlled by the Russian peacekeepers, the village was not handed over.

Now surrounded mostly by Azerbaijani forces, and protected by the Russian peacekeepers from a far distance, the Armenian residents of Aghavno have serious concerns about the state of their security. Nonetheless, they assure CIVILNET that they are not planning to leave and have taken the security of the village into their own hands. “We will not abandon our land. Let the entire world know,” they tell CIVILNET.

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