20 October, 2018 15:46 Petrostrategies: Can Iran Mitigate the Impact of Sanctions?  In the run-up to the November 5 deadline when US sanctions against Tehran will be reinstated, a degree of uncertainty is emerging as to the actual level of Iran’s oil production and exports. According to the Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Iranian oil shipments abroad have fallen only “very slightly” recently, while production has remained stable. Iran claims to have produced 3.76 MMb/d of crude oil in September, as compared to 3.81 MMb/d in August. Oil-sector analysts have not announced the same numbers: Platts, using its tradeflow monitoring software, estimates a figure of 3.6 MMb/d in August and 3.5 MMb/d in September. 20 October, 2018 10:22 Armenia, Azerbaijan establish operative connection Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev had met during the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit hosted in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, September 27-28. In what became their first official conversation, leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to work towards reduction of frontline tensions and to resume direct dialogue.

19 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 13:44 Osman Kavala Deprived of His Freedom for 1 Year With Still No Indictment The article was originally published by  Bianet
Anadolu Kültür Executive Board Chair, rights advocate and businessperson Osman Kavala has been deprived of his freedom for 1 year
Kavala was taken into custody exactly one year ago today October 18 No indictment has been issued against him up until today
All requests of release submitted for Osman Kavala have been rejected His judicial process has not been proceeding Kavala has been waiting in prison for the day, when he will appear in court
The latest development in Kavalas judicial process has been the news that came from the European Court of Human Rights ECtHR on September 19, 2018 The court has decided to hear the case of Osman Kavala in an accelerated procedure
We have compiled the judicial process of Osman Kavala on the occasion that it has been a year since his period of detention started
What happened
Osman Kavala was taken into custody in the evening hours on October 18, 2017 at İstanbul Atatürk Airpo
17 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 17:07 Barekamavan. Life on the Border with War About two centuries ago, in 1831, the border village of Barekamavan in Armenia’s Tavush region had 302 inhabitants, double of what it is today. This village, located on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, was one of the most developed settlements in Soviet Armenia. In the 1980's, the number of students in the school reached 350. Today, that number is 17. The village, which has more than 200 houses, has been in a steady population decline due to emigration over the last 25 years. CivilNet’s Tatul Hakobyan, Ani Grigoryan and Gevorg Haroyan spent three days in Barekamavan, talked to people about emigration, peace and war. 17 October, 2018 16:10 The Revolution Will Not Be Postponed: What Does Pashinyan’s Resignation Really Mean? Armenian revolutionary leader Nikol Pashinyan has resigned as prime minister. While his goal is to eradicate the remnants of the old ruling elite in snap elections, many wonder if the former regime has what it takes to strike back.

On 16 October, at 20:00, Armenians were once again glued to the screens of their TVs, laptops, and phones, just like in April, as news of Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation broke. This time, they were watching their protest-leader-turned-prime-minister Nikol Pashinyan announce his own resignation.
16 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 21:18 Armenia’s Prime Minister Pashinyan Resigns Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced his resignation via a televised speech on October 16, paving the way for parliamentary elections in December.
16 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 19:25 Բացահայտելով իմ Գյումրին․ աղջիկների ֆուտբոլ | Discovering My Gyumri: Through Soccer Գեղամ Մուղնեցյանը, շարունակելով իր ծննդավայր Գյումրիի բացահայտումը, ՍիվիլՆեթի հետ այցելում է Գյումրիի ֆուտբոլի ակադեմիա, հանդիպում երիտասարդ խանդավառ մարզչի հետ, որը փորձում է նոր շունչ հաղորդել քաղաքին՝ պրոֆեսիոնալ ֆուտբոլի զանգվածայնացման միջոցով, և հետևում երիտասարդ աղջիկների ֆուտբոլային վարժանքներին։

As part of the journey of rediscovery through his hometown, Gegham Mughnetsyan and the CivilNet team visited Gyumri’s Football Academy, met the enthusiastic young coach who is trying to revitalize the struggling city by popularizing professional soccer and got to follow the practice of the young girls squad.
16 October, 2018 16:21 Armenians and the Global Cold War: History, Memory and Legacies Political and other developments concerning Armenians during the Cold War era have not been covered much in history books up until today. Modern historical writing on Armenia has focused heavily on the pre-Cold War era, particularly the years during and just after the Armenian Genocide and in the course of the First World War. Yet the period between 1945 and 1991 saw a host of important developments both within Soviet Armenia and the Armenian diaspora. In fact, Armenians were involved in the Cold War in more ways than one. The Cold War pitted the two great superpowers of the time, the Soviet Union and the United States, against one another. One part of the Armenian population lived in Soviet Armenia, while others lived in the diaspora, scattered mostly across the Americas, Western Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East. These diasporan communities were divided along political lines, which developed different stances towards the superpowers in the context of the Cold War. 16 October, 2018 12:06 Pashinyan Formulates Armenia’s New Iran Strategy Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held talks with Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani, on September 26, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York (Premierminister.am, September 26). The meeting, initiated by the Iranian side, was immediately heralded as signifying a new era of amicable relations and strategic interaction (Panorama.am, September 27). Reportedly, the leaders touched upon a wide spectrum of issues, including trade and economy, transport logistics construction, as well as regional security challenges. President Rouhani noted that “the countries boast a high level of mutual trust” (Mehrnews.ir, September 26).

15 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 23:07 Armenia’s Prime Minister Pashinyan resigns, then what? Holding snap parliamentary elections has been Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s main agenda item since gaining the post following the “velvet revolution’ past spring. Per the 2015 constitutional changes in the country, special parliamentary elections are automatically scheduled if the sitting prime minister resigns and the parliament does not elect a new prime minister after holding two votes in two consecutive sessions.
15 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 17:04 Silicon Valley Comes to Yerevan, Hive Ventures Armenia Summit HIVE Ventures hosted its 4th annual tech summit at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia. Thirteen speakers, including some of Silicon Valley's top venture capitalists, were present to give advice and tell the story of their successful companies. 15 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 10:30 Journalists, friends and the brewing revolution The same year, this was all before the revolution had taken place in Armenia, I was speaking to a journalist friend about the dire socio-economic conditions of Armenia and its people. I asked her to name the single major obstacle standing in the way of country’s progress, in other words, how do we change course and avoid going ‘off the cliff?’ I asked because while I consider myself an optimist when it comes to Armenia, like my California-based friend, I have never shared the view that things will magically get better. Many of us expect progress in our personal and professional lives only if there is a plan in place as well as tangible steps forward, both of which have been non-existent in Armenia. 14 հոկտեմբեր, 2018 13:58 The Destruction of the Yerevan-Baku Railway Until 1991, Armenia had a direct railway to its southern cities of Meghri and Kapan The YerevanBaku Railway was stretched across the territory of Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan Autonomous RepublicIn 1991, when the Karabakh war broke out, Azerbaijan closed the railway with Armenia even though it lost its railway connection with its exclave Nakhijevan About 40 km of the railway went through the southern border of ArmeniaToday, this railway and the entire engineering system that stretches along the southern border of Armenia, along the Araks River, is nonexistent Only large tunnels and smoothed land routes are let to remind that once there was a railroad here