16 August, 2018 23:10 Armenia at The Met On September 21, 2018, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will open a special exhibition entitled ARMENIA!
16 August, 2018 22:59 Is Pashinyan-Kocharyan Cease-Fire Possible? Three months after his election as prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan appears to be mired in a series of new disputes that come on top of the mountain of issues he inherited from his predecessors. The legal and increasingly political dispute with ex-president Robert Kocharyan has become a particularly acute issue, threatening domestic stability, as well as key foreign relationships. Can Pashinyan and Kocharyan put aside old grudges for the benefit of the country, at least temporarily?
16 August, 2018 12:32 “Armeniaporans”, “Spiurkastantsis” and the Making of a Transnational Armenia-Diaspora Civil Society The Armenian Diaspora - globally - is witnessing the birth of a transnational civil society in the last few years. If civil society in Armenia has been maturing over the last 15 years, in the Diaspora, rise of civic awareness is appearing with a five to ten year delay. This is not a top-down phenomenon: neither driven nor encouraged by diasporan classic institutions, which, on the contrary, are lagging far behind.

15 August, 2018 21:57 Dashnaktsutyun Does Not Rule Out Cooperation With Kocharyan The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF, Dashnaktsutyun) Party does not rule out cooperation with Armenia's second president, Robert Kocharyan, if he does return to politics, said head of the party, Hrant Margaryan.

"We intend to cooperate with all forces. We are ready to cooperate with all Armenians, but we do not have any particular cooperation with Kocharyan or an agenda, " said Margaryan.
15 օգոստոս, 2018 17:10 A Comic Story of Armenia’s Velvet Revolution In Armenia, comics don’t have a long tradition. They are by no means produced or read in abundance. To develop the art of comics in the country, a small group of artists from Mayro Studio started to work on a special project. They are creating their first piece based on the story of the Velvet Revolution that took place in Armenia in April. A real story that became a historical moment for the Armenian people. 15 August, 2018 16:37 Des activistes troublent la conférence de presse de Kotcharian La conférence de presse de l’ancien président d’Arménie Robert Kotcharian, prévue le 14 août à midi à Erevan, a été perturbée par des activistes. Ils ont bloqués l’entrée du bâtiment.

Les activistes accusent Kotcharian d’avoir fomenté les violences post-élections du 1er mars 2008. Ce jour-là, un affrontement entre les forces du gouvernement et les protestataires a provoqué la mort de huit civils, de deux policiers et a fait environ 300 blessés.

Le 13 août, les avocats de Kotcharian ont annoncé que le second président tiendrait une conférence de presse le jour suivant. L’annonce a été faite juste après a décision de la Cour pénale d’appel de libérer Kotcharian. Ce dernier était détenu depuis le 27 juillet. Il est accusé d’avoir renversé l’ordre constitutionnel à la suite de l’élection présidentielle du 19 février 2008 .
14 օգոստոս, 2018 20:21 LGBT Rights in Armenia: Politics of Violence Nine people, mostly LGBT activists, were assaulted in the village of Shurnukh in Armenia’s Syunik province on August 3. Eyewitnesses say that more than 30 people from the village attacked nine LGBTQ activists and beat them. Following the incident, two people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Hayk Hakobyan is from Shurnukh and his house is the location of the incident. According to him, his and his family’s anti-governmental ideologies before the Velvet Revolution could have been a motivation behind the violence that occurred on August 3. He also connects it to the current corruption revelations taking place in the area.
14 August, 2018 19:32 Activists Disrupt Kocharyan’s Press Conference On August 13, Kocharyan’s lawyers announced that the second president will hold a press conference the following day. The announcement was made right after Armenia’s Criminal Court of Appeals issued a decision to release Kocharyan from custody, who had been detained on July 27 on charges of overthrowing the constitutional order during the 2008 post-election period.

13 August, 2018 22:34 Robert Kocharyan Released From Custody Armenia’s Criminal Court of Appeals made the decision to release Armenia’s former president Robert Kocharyan from custody. Kocharyan was detained on July 27 on charges of overthrowing the constitutional order during the 2008 post-election period. 12 August, 2018 20:55 Azerbaijan Watching Armenia’s Internal Developments Emil Sanamyan speaks to Karen Vrtanesyan, Chief editor and coordinator of Razm.info, a security news and analysis website.

Vrtanesyan discusses “the relative calm” on the Karabakh frontline, Russia’s role in the region, the situation on the Nakhichevani border. He says Azerbaijan is watching Armenia’s domestic developments. According to Vrtanesyan, the risk of military escalation between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces has not decreased.
10 August, 2018 21:29 Court to Make Decision on Kocharyan’s Detention on Monday Armenia’s Criminal Court of Appeals will announce the decision on Robert Kocharyan's detention on Monday at 4 p.m., according to Kocharyan’s lawyer Aram Orbelyan.

The court hearing was due to take place on August 9 but was postponed to August 10.

Kocharyan has been detained since July 27, for a period of two months. He is accused of overthrowing the constitutional order during the 2008 post-election period. His lawyers have appealed the decision to hold him in custody during the investigation.
10 օգոստոս, 2018 11:14 Guerre des Quatre Jours, les victimes recevront un soutien financier La fondation arménienne d’assurance aux militaires, aussi connu sous le nom du “Fond des 1 000 drams”, étendra son soutien financier aux militaires et aux familles de soldats blessés ou décédés qui ont servi après 2016.

Jusqu’à ce jour, la fondation a fourni une compensation financière aux familles de soldats ainsi qu’aux soldats blessés ou tombés au combat à partir du 1er janvier 2017.

Le fond assure le bien-être social des soldats blessés en service actif ainsi qu’aux familles de soldats morts durant leur service
10 August, 2018 10:39 ARMENIA! Comes to The Met Museum in New York On September 21, 2018, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will open a special exhibition entitled ARMENIA! The curator of the exhibit at The Met, Helen Evans, speaks with director of the USC Institute of Armenian Studies, Salpi Ghazarian, about the curation of the exhibition that highlights the artistic and cultural achievements of the Armenian people in a global context over fourteen centuries.
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