2 March, 2021 22:00 Search Ops for the Dead & Missing in Karabakh Resume Once Again ✓Armenia’s president has continued to refuse to sign the dismissal of the army chief.

✓The PM and the leader of the Bright Armenia party will meet to discuss future elections.

✓The search for the bodies of the missing and dead in Karabakh has resumed once again.
2 March, 2021 21:00 HyeHopes - Taking an Educational Project From California to Syunik Member of the Glendale Board of Education Greg Krikorian and a group of other US Armenians have started a new project called Hyehopes. The project is aiming to provide resources and other needs for several schools in the region of Syunik. Greg spoke to CivilNet to see what the project is exactly, how’s progress and how people can get involved.
2 մարտ, 2021 17:35 Despite President’s Refusal, Dismissal of Army Chief to Go Ahead President Sarkissian had two options: either to sign the decree or to apply to the Constitutional Court. He didn’t sign the decree, however, nor did he apply to the high court either, instead he applied to the Constitutional Court not to question the draft decree itself, but regarding the Law on military service.

1 March, 2021 23:12 Commemorating March 1: Two Movements Divide Yerevan’s Streets Armenian citizens gathered in Myasnikyan Street to commemorate the events of March 1, 2008. Thirteen years ago, 10 people were killed following clashes between protesters and police.

In this backdrop, as many commemorate the events of March 1, 2008, citizens supporting Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and those who are demanding the leader’s resignation are holding rallies.
1 March, 2021 21:25 Several Rallies in Yerevan: the Political Crisis Continues in Armenia As the political crisis in Armenia continues, rival rallies have taken place in the Armenian capital Yerevan. This comes as Armenians mark 13 years since the events of March 1, 2008, when 10 people died during a wave of protests after the 2008 elections.
28 February, 2021 21:52 A Reporter Documents Impact of Azerbaijan’s White Phosphorus Munitions in Karabakh Canadian freelance journalist Fin dePencier is traveling through hospitals in Armenia to document the impact of white phosphorus that was used on soldiers and civilians in the Second Karabakh War.

28 February, 2021 19:34 Shushi Carpets: A Treasure in Yerevan Carpets from Artsakh (Karabakh) are now part of the Alexander Tamanyan National Museum-Institute. The Armenian carpets were taken out of the city during the 202 Artsakh War on November 1 by their owner Vartan Astsatryan. There, they were on display at the Shushi Carpets Museum. Seeing that the war was getting closer, Vartan Astsatryan quickly arranged for their transfer to Yerevan to save a bit of treasure from the city.

27 February, 2021 21:17 Takeaways from Serzh Sargsyan's Interview- Insights with Eric Hacopian This episode was recorded before the events of February 25.

In this episode of #InsightswithEricHacopian, Eric speaks on former President Serzh Sargsyan’s latest interview with Arm news TV, and what are the main takeaways from the former leader’s answers.
27 February, 2021 03:19 Armenians Demand Resumed Access to Mardakert-Vardenis Highway Since the withdrawal of Armenian forces from Kelbajar (Karvajar) district last November, Armenians have not been able to use the Mardakert-Vardenis highway for travel. The withdrawal was agreed as part of the November 10 declaration by Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian leaders, which also called for “lifting of restrictions on regional transportation links,” but so far had the opposite effect, restricting travel between Republic of Armenia and Karabakh.

At the same time, Azerbaijani government has been able to use roads in the Russian-controlled Armenian-populated portion of Karabakh to resupply its forces in Kelbajar and Shushi. Azerbaijani convoys, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers have traversed Mardakert, as well as Askeran-Shushi and Karmir Shuka-Shushi roads, almost on the daily basis.

26 February, 2021 22:37 Political Crisis in Armenia, Day 2 ✓The Homeland Salvation Movement has blockaded Yerevan’s Baghramyan Avenue.

✓The Bright Armenia Party states its ready for elections.

✓Artsakh’s President has met with both the PM and the Chief of the General Staff.
26 February, 2021 18:27 Unpacking the Quasi-Coup with Eric Hacopian (Part II) Political analyst and CivilNet host Eric Hacopian goes over the events of February 25, and the political aftermath. From international reactions to what this says about the state of Armenia, Eric gives his take on these and other issues.
25 February, 2021 22:28 Political Crisis in Armenia: Special Report ✓The General Staff of the Armed Forces called for the resignation of the Armenian PM and government.
✓Rival rallies took place in the capital Yerevan.
✓Both the President of Armenia and the President of Artsakh appealed for calm.
25 February, 2021 20:53 Armenians Take to the Streets After Army Demands Prime Minister’s Resignation At 1 pm Yerevan time, thousands of Armenians gathered in the streets into two groups. From one side,they gathered in the Republic Square and are supporting Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. On the other side, they gathered in the Freedom square. They are demanding Pashinyan’s resignation. These protests are taking place after the Armed Forces General Staff released a statement demanding the government’s resignation.