19 September, 2020 20:51 Coronavirus Escalates Development of Domestic Tourism Initiatives in Armenia As in almost all parts of the world, Covid-19 has essentially halted Armenia’s tourism sector, and it's difficult to tell when things will improve. This summer, domestic tourism became the main source of income for restaurants, hotels and other tourist establishments.

CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan talks with the former Chairperson of the State Tourism about what the future might look like, and the lasting consequences of the situation, be it positive or negative.
18 September, 2020 22:11 Khodorkovsky “Dossier Center” Highlights the Presence of a "Russian Agency Network in Armenia" Khodorkovsky “Dossier Center” Highlights the Presence of "Russian Agency Network in Armenia"
Officials Will Be Under Control Even After Resigning

Nikol Pashinyan Stresses the Importance of “Making Mistakes to Move Forward”

More Than 200 Cases of COVID-19
18 September, 2020 11:18 Lebanese Armenians Became the Target of Azerbaijani Attacks In a statement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh Masis Mayilian said that Lebanese Armenians families who have resettled in Nagorno Karabakh were an unacceptable target of Azerbaijani Attacks.

"We consider it inadmissible for the victims of the Beirut humanitarian catastrophe to become the target of attacks and political manipulations by the Azerbaijani authorities.
17 September, 2020 22:03 “The Increase in the Number of Coronavirus Cases Is Worrying,” Says Nikol Pashinyan ✓The National Assembly Votes Down a Motion of No-Confidence in Education Minister Arayik Harutyunyan.
✓Lebanese Armenians Become the Target of Azerbaijani Attacks.
✓“The Increase in the Number of Coronavirus Cases Is Worrying,” Says Nikol Pashinyan
17 September, 2020 21:04 iGorts Diaspora Program Kicks Off in Armenia The iGorts program, designed by the Office of Armenia’s High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs, brings professional Armenians from various fields throughout the diaspora to work in Armenia’s government institutions.
CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan talks with High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan and program participants from Austria and Canada about the goals and expectations of the program.
17 September, 2020 10:12 Anastas Mikoyan, Armenia and Karabakh։ Q&A With Pietro Shakarian Pietro Shakarian is a PhD in History candidate at the Ohio State University, currently working on a biography of the prominent Soviet official of Armenian descent Anastas Mikoyan Мikoyan was the only Soviet politician who managed to remain at the highest levels of power from the latter days of Lenin’s rule, throughout the eras of Stalin and Khrushchev, until his retirement in the first months of Brezhnev’s rule Shakarian responded to Emil Sanamyan’s questions by email
Q Can Mikoyan be called the most important Armenian in the Soviet Union To what extent was he still “Armenian” after almost half a century in the Soviet leadership
A Mikoyan can easily be called the most powerful Armenian in the USSR And he strongly identified with his Armenian roots right up to his passing in 1978 and was heavily involved in Soviet Armenian affairs  In short, Mikoyan was effectively a “national communist”  At one point, he was a Bolshevik and an internationalist, b
16 September, 2020 21:52 Armenian Soldier Died From Wounds Due to Azerbaijani Fire The 12th Hrant Dink International Award was presented to Osman Kavala
An Armenian Serviceman Died from the wounds sustained by an Azerbaijani Gunshot.
Minister of Education Arayik Harutyunyan Is Not Going to Resign
16 September, 2020 17:44 Armenian Men Will Be Able to Take Paternity Leave Armenians who recently became fathers can now take paternity leave after the birth of their child.

The Armenian National Assembly voted 116 to 1 today to approve amendments to the Labor Code on September 16.
The bill presented by several members of the ruling My Step defines the condition of the paternity leave.
15 սեպտեմբեր, 2020 22:07 Three New Judges Are Elected to Armenia’s Constitutional Court Amid Public Criticism Armenia’s Constitutional Court Has Three New Judges

The OSCE Minsk Group Urges Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers to Meet with Them

Up to 950 Buses Will Arrive to Reform Yerevan’s Public Transportation System

The Fountains and Ponds of Yerevan Have Been Reopened

More Than One Hundred COVID-19 New Cases Recorded
15 September, 2020 20:44 International Hrant Dink Award Ceremony 2020 International Hrant Dink Award Ceremony 2020 15 September, 2020 19:45 Back To School Day in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh During the Pandemic In Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, school officially started on September 15.

For Armenia’s students, strict anti-epidemic rules are in place as schools reopen six months after lessons were halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Nagorno-Karabakh, school started almost the same way, with disinfectants and thermometers, but no masks.
15 September, 2020 10:31 Former EU Ambassador Recommends the EU to Pay More Attention to Armenia and the EAP Region Ambassador Piotr Switalski, former head of the European Union Delegation in Armenia who served between 2015 and 2019 has written a book entitled “The Armenian Revolution. An Unfinished Cable,” published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 14 September, 2020 22:12 Armenian Fathers Will Be Encouraged to Take Paternity Leave ✓Schools Started for First Graders Under Pandemic Protocol
✓The Government Encourages Paternity Leave for Armenian Fathers
✓Former EU Ambassador to Armenia Piotr Switalski Releases a Book About Armenian Revolution
✓New Cases of Covid-19 but the Numbers Are Stable. Three People Died