3 July, 2020 21:24 Entrance Exams For Universities Kick Off in Armenia The university entrance exams kicked off in Armenia on July 2. On the first day, students studying foreign languages, including English, will take their exams. How does the government organize the entrance exams with thousands of students gathering in various exam halls while the number of new coronavirus cases is increasing everyday?
3 July, 2020 17:47 Tensions Increasing Between Washington and Berlin Concerning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Gasline: Petrostrategies Will the Nord Stream 2 project, which aims to establish a new direct gas link (of 55 bcm/annum) between Russia and Germany, trigger a political crisis between the United States and Germany? This question can be asked in view of the mounting tensions between the two countries in recent months, not only on the diplomatic, political, and economic fronts, but even on a personal level, in relations between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

2 July, 2020 21:00 Armenia to Diversify Oil Imports, Lessen Dependence on Russia Armenia’s death rate jumped by 30% in June.
The repair and overhaul of Armenia’s nuclear power plant has begun.
Armenia is set to import more petroleum from Kazakhstan, reducing dependence on Russia.
The government has begun negotiations with Noubar Afeyan’s Moderna to import covid vaccines.
Two opposition parties have called on the speaker to create a commission into the government’s handling of the pandemic.
The Armed Forces have started the summer conscription of fresh recruits.
1 July, 2020 21:42 Overwhelming Majority of Armenians Want Unification of Artsakh with Armenia 70% of Armenian respondents have stated they want unification between Armenia and Artsakh
The Central Bank has forecasted a 4% negative contraction in economic growth
Japan has announced it will provide $37 million to Armenia for medical supplies
523 new cases of COVID19 have been confirmed 
1 July, 2020 13:10 Coronavirus Pandemic Provides Armenian Government with Opportunity to Implement Long-Overdue Economic Reforms Interestingly, the state of the economy has remained ranked as the Armenian public’s top priority over the years even as the survey’s annual updates show steady, significant improvements in respondents’ perceptions of their own personal economic conditions. For instance, when asked about their household’s economic situation, a plurality of respondents in 2017 reported having enough money “for food only, but not for clothes,” while a plurality of respondents in 2019 reported that “money is enough for food and clothes, but not for expensive durables like a refrigerator or washing machine.” Likewise, the 2017 survey saw 29 percent of respondents conjecture that their household would reach a top “economic rung” within five years, whereas 44 percent of respondents in 2019 reported believing so.

30 June, 2020 20:12 New Urban Development Planned for Yerevan The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan have held a video conference
According to a new survey, the percentage of Armenians that want to emigrate has declined
Armenia has jumped 13 places in the Economic Freedom Index
415 new cases of COVID19 have been confirmed
A new multifunctional venue project is planned for the Armenian capital 
30 June, 2020 12:38 Stepanakert, city sketches | Ստեփանակերտյան պատկերներ Ամառային Ստեփանակերտի անդորրը։ Տեսանյութը՝ Լևոն Արշակյանի։ 
Summer time in Stepanakert Video footage by Levon Arshakyan
29 June, 2020 22:02 Restoring Centuries-old Armenian Rugs and Carpets Health Minister Arsen Torosyan has called for a nonenforced nationwide lockdown
A fire occurred at the Tsitsernakaberd Armenia Genocide Memorial Park 
27 June, 2020 10:53 Armenia Votes to Raise Property Taxes in Bid to Help Cash-Strapped Local Governments During the bill’s reading, representatives from Bright Armenia argued that the changes would disproportionately affect lower-income and socially vulnerable families. One prominent critical voice to emerge from Bright Armenia on this issue was lawmaker Mane Tandilyan, who also expressed regret that the amendments were debated under a special “24-hour regime” allowing the government to push bills through more quickly than usual. According to Tandilyan, the government’s rush to approve the changes denied lawmakers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the bill’s content and raise important questions on its broader economic and social implications. 26 June, 2020 22:43 Italian Medics Arrive in Armenia to Provide Assistance . Several of Armenia’s high court judges have refused to abide by the recently passed constitutional amendments.

. 759 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.

. Italian medics have arrived in Armenia to help with the country’s coronavirus response.
26 June, 2020 21:17 US Dramatically Increases Security Aid to Azerbaijan: Implications for Armenia In 2019, Emil Sanamyan, editor of the Focus on Karabakh news and analysis site at the University of Southern California Institute of Armenian Studies, was looking into US security aid to Azerbaijan and noticed an unusually high number (roughly $3 million in 2016/2017, and roughly $50 million in 2018/2019). His investigation received attention in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia and eventually led to a letter by members of congress to the Pentagon inquiring about the aid. Now, half a year later, it’s also resulted in a letter to the Government Accountability Office, asking for a review. Emil Sanamyan talks to CivilNet about the reasons for the stark increase in security aid to Azerbaijan and implications for Armenia. 25 June, 2020 23:05 Robert Kocharyan’s Lawyers Withdraw Appeal from the Constitutional Court . The lawyers of former President Robert Kocharyan have withdrawn an appeal from the high court.

. President Armen Sarkissian has given his assent to the new constitutional amendments.

. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has given a speech in parliament on the political situation in the country.

. 2,000 Armenia-made test kits will be produced daily, as a record high in new cases is recorded.