22 August, 2019 11:40 Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. But please, no minimum wage jobs Armenia does not need low paying, minimum wage jobs that do not enable people to escape the poverty level. It is rare that people can escape the lowest economic class if wages do not allow for savings, healthcare, proper nutrition or investments for the present and the future. Moreover, in order for the capitalist form of democracy (not my choice but it seems to be the choice made by Armenia) to grow and take root in Armenia, a sizeable and well-established middle class is a necessity. Without it, people will always be susceptible to being loyal to the mega-employers. 21 օգոստոս, 2019 13:19 Corporate Courts: The Latest Threat to Democracy in Armenia A controversial mining development in Armenia has proven to be a major test for the post-revolutionary government. Now, international arbitration courts are poised to be involved in resolving the dispute. 12 օգոստոս, 2019 20:10 British Ambassador to Armenia Talks to CivilNet Ambassador Judith Farnworth has been serving as British Ambassador to Armenia since 2015. She sat down with Civilnet’s Sareen Habeshian to discuss democratic change in Armenia, women’s representation in government and Brexit. 8 August, 2019 17:15 Brewing a Tradition of Craft Beer in Armenia Dargett, the first craft brewery in Armenia, opened its doors in 2016. Hovhannes Durgaryan, co-founder of Dargett, talks to Civilnet’s Sareen Habeshian about how they changed the culture of drinking beer in Armenia. 8 August, 2019 13:56 Pashinyan Speaks at Pan-Armenian Games in Karabakh On August 5, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke in Nagorno Karabakh, at a rally celebrating the 7th Pan Armenian Games. For the first time in its 20 year history, the opening ceremony and commemorative events are taking place in Karabakh. 8 August, 2019 00:04 Pan-Armenian Games Commence in Karabakh The opening ceremony of the seventh Pan-Armenian Games took place on August 6 at Stepanakert Republican Stadium in Nagorno Karabakh. For the first time in its 20 year history, the opening and a portion of the games took place in Karabakh. 6 August, 2019 10:21 At Stepanakert Rally: Pashinyan Declares “National Agenda” By 2050 Armenia’s population should reach five million people and its economy grow 15-fold to over $180 billion in GDP. At least five Armenian companies will have output in excess of $10 billion. Armenia’s military and intelligence services should be some of the world’s strongest. Armenian footballers will qualify and take top places in European and World Cups and Olympians win dozens of medals.

5 August, 2019 10:32 Civilitas / CivilNet Welcome New Director The Board of the Civilitas Foundation is proud to welcome Apo Boghigian as the foundation’s new director. Since its establishment in 2008, Civilitas has pioneered civil society strengthening through open public discussions and polling, reporting and analysis, collaborated in cross-border activities and most notably, established the ground-breaking, trendsetting media outlet, CivilNet.

2 August, 2019 21:33 Sharing Ideas and Innovation at Sevan Startup Summit Sevan Startup Summit 2019, an annual tent camp business forum, is happening again at the shore of Lake Sevan, Armenia. More than a thousand entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world gathered here to communicate, discuss new ideas, share knowledge and help those innovative ideas become a reality.
30 հուլիս, 2019 20:40 Access to Water, Armenian Bordering Villages in Crisis Armenian villages in the Tavush region on the border with Azerbaijan, rarely have access to clean water. For those 24 villages, water is a precious commodity. The water supply has been a concern in the region for many years. Some get irrigation and/or drinking water every three to four days and sometimes even once a month. This, despite the fact that agriculture and cattle breeding make up the majority of economic activity in the region.
29 հուլիս, 2019 17:16 Armenian EyeCare Project Works to Combat Blindness Dr. Roger Ohanesian is an ophthalmologist based in California and is the founder of the Armenian EyeCare Project. The Armenian EyeCare Project works to eliminate preventable blindness in Armenia and to make eye care accessible to every Armenian child and adult. Dr. Ohanesyan spoke to Civilnet’s Sareen Habeshian about the status of eyecare in Armenia and about the EyeCare Project’s initiatives.
26 հուլիս, 2019 18:07 Living with Armenia from a Distance Peter Hosharian is a Los Angeles based attorney and a musician, who is representative of a generation whose daily life, even 7,000 miles away, includes following all of the big or small developments in Armenia. Since the revolution and of course before, Hosharian has been among those who stay informed and are active and engaged in the country’s internal political discussions. He talks to Civilnet's Sareen Habeshian about how someone who lives with Armenia from a distance engages with the country.