6 March, 2019 21:24 Can Armenia Adopt Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Its LGBTI Community? Armenia’s various non-governmental organizations gathered for a conference called “Another Perspective on LGBTI Issues” and its purpose was to explore the integration of the LGBTI community within an Armenian society that still rejects them. For most Human Rights Defenders, the government’s commitment is the key factor in ensuring protection of LGBTI.
5 March, 2019 18:24 "Troika Laundromat": A New Corruption Investigation Armenian Hetq news site and 20 Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) partners examined more than 60,000 documents leaked from the Lithuanian bank Ūkio Bankas leading to the discovery that $8.8 billion was laundered through a variety of entities.
4 March, 2019 23:05 Armenia’s Foreign Minister Meets With New US Ambassador Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan met with Lynne Tracy, newly-appointed US Ambassador to Armenia, on March 1. 4 մարտ, 2019 19:15 Սովորելով լինել անվտանգ համացանցում | A Look Into the Challenges of a Safer Internet in Armenia Համաշխարհային բնակչության կեսից ավելիի համար համացանցը դարձել է առօրյայի անբաժան մաս։ Եվ Հայաստանը բացառություն չէ: Համացանցի օգտատերերի մի մասը անչափահասներ են, որոնք չեն պատկերացնում կամ հասկանում ինտերնետի օգտագործման հետ կապված ռիսկերը:

For more than half of the world population, Internet has become a part of everyday life. And Armenia is no exception. Part of those users are minors who do not imagine or understand the risks involved with using Internet.
4 March, 2019 13:37 Armenia Must Diversify Its Gas Sources and Routes The Iran-Armenia gas agreement currently in force is, in fact, the second such agreement between the two countries concluded after Armenia’s independence. The first one was never implemented because it was too unbalanced in favor of Iran, due to prevailing circumstances. The philosophy of the current agreement, “electricity-for-gas”, is a balanced concept that can be expanded. It requires Armenia to build high performing power plants, so that the conversion of Iranian gas into electricity – part of which will be exported to Iran in order to pay for the gas – is worth it. But Armenia’s gas demand is limited. Most importantly, Armenia should emphasize developing renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind. These are clean energies and independent sources. 4 March, 2019 09:53 Turkey Attempts to Pressure Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan for Better Gas Deals Turkey is interested in buying more US LNG, according to its Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Alparslan Bayraktar. Some of its long-term contracts to import 3 MMt/annum of LNG from Algeria will expire this year, while contracts for 16 bcm/annum of Russian gas (delivered by gasline) will come to an end in 2021. “We are on the brink of a new period during which Turkey will make significant decisions. 3 March, 2019 12:57 Iran to Counter U.S. Sanctions Through Private Sector Development To counter US sanctions, which are preventing foreign companies from investing and working in Iran, the country plans to rely on its private sector to explore and develop hydrocarbon resources. On a limited scale, it has been doing this for oil exports for several months, and is preparing to use the private sector to finance the national company NIOC as well. After the United States’ withdrew from the JCPOA nuclear agreement in November 2018, public debate was initiated in Iran on the possible role of the private sector, whose representatives highlighted the skills of their companies and called on the public sector to entrust them with tasks formerly given to foreign firms. This is the latest new approach to emerge since Iranian oil was nationalized in 1951 under the reformist nationalist Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. Nationalization was maintained after Mossadegh was ousted in 1953 and was brought into question neither by the monarchy nor the Islamic Republic. 3 March, 2019 00:05 The Weekly Headlines from Armenia On February 23, former president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrossian published an article on Ilur.am, refuting claims that he is Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's “political godfather.”

"If some people think that Pashinyan can be guided by advice or be dictated, they are either gravely mistaken or they do not know the person at all, or they are judging him by their own predispositions. I have not met a more independent and self-sufficient man than Pashinyan," Ter-Petrossian wrote.

28 February, 2019 11:23 Armenia Ready to be a Transit Country for Iranian Gas Pashinyan responded that, "Of course, it is important for us to be able to come to a common agreement on the price during further discussions and negotiations. This is a key issue in terms of the attractiveness of the deal. And we hope our representatives will conduct effective talks in this direction."

Iran’s president noted that the cooperation in the field of electricity between Iran and Armenia was also considered in the trilateral format - in cooperation with Georgia, and the in four-party format - in cooperation with Russia.
28 February, 2019 11:14 Armenia’s State Control Service Confirms Detention of Two Employees Armenia’s State Control Service, which conducts financial audits of government and other agencies, has confirmed the detention of two of its employees. The National Security Service of Armenia detained brothers Davit Adyan and Samvel Adyan, according to media reports disseminated on February 26.
28 February, 2019 00:13 Azerbaijan Sentences Karen Ghazaryan to 20 Years in Prison The Ganja Military Criminal Court of Azerbaijan sentenced Armenian citizen Karen Ghazaryan to 20 years in prison for "organizing sabotage and terrorist acts in the territory of Azerbaijan."

On July 15, the Azerbaijani media began to spread a photo of Ghazaryan, a 34-year-old resident of the border village of Berdavan in Armenia’s northeast province of Tavush. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense announced that it had prevented an Armenian sabotage attempt, capturing one of those involved. The Armenian side denied such an attempt.
27 February, 2019 16:05 Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը՝ Իրանում․ ֆոտոշարք | Prime Minister Pashinyan in Iran Հայաստանի վարչապետ Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը պաշտոնական այցով առաջին անգամ Իրանում է։

Prime Minister Pashinyan arrives in Iran on an official visit․