26 September, 2018 21:30 Armenia’s Intellectual Potential in Engineering, Space Michael Kezirian and Nazareth Ashkharian are both engineers and work with NASA.
They came to Armenia to present the International Space Settlement Design Competition held in the UK.

CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan talked with them about the huge intellectual potential of Armenian students to participate in the event.
26 սեպտեմբեր, 2018 12:10 Revolution at Home, Continuity Abroad: Pashinyan in UN Debut The United Nations’ General Assembly became the first major international forum for Nikol Pashinyan, where he spoke on behalf of Armenia. Armenia’s prime minister also used the trip to New York to meet with Armenian Americans.

In his September 25 address, Pashinyan gave a quick update on Armenia’s developments last spring and his intentions going forward. The protests that resulted in his election as prime minister “succeeded against all expectations” and his government most recently won a strong victory in Yerevan municipal elections. Pashinyan would now push early general election, since as he pointed out, the current parliament “does not represent our people’s will.” He also mentioned his plans to introduce more elements of direct democracy in Armenia, such as regular local and national referenda on various issues.
24 սեպտեմբեր, 2018 20:13 My Step Alliance Wins Yerevan Elections in Landslide Victory Residents of Yerevan, Armenia, elected a new City Council on September 23. This is the country’s first election following the “Velvet Revolution” that took place in the Spring of 2018. Twelve parties and alliances took part in the election, with My Step (Im Qayl) alliance led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan receiving 81% of the total vote and winning the elections. 24 September, 2018 19:40 Discovering My Gyumri: Blacksmiths Gyumri is a city of craftsmen and among them blacksmiths occupy a special place. Follow Gegham Mughnetsyan who on his journey of rediscovery through Gyumri has visited one of city’s oldest traditional smithery shops. 24 սեպտեմբեր, 2018 12:44 Revolution, counter-revolution, fear-mongering and manipulation Where there is a revolution there is an attempt at counter-revolution. It would be rather naïve to think that after the revolution in Armenia, the forces who still have much to lose from the popular uprising and shift in the power balance would submit without resistance. What Armenian society witnessed immediately after the revolution was the show of a reluctant white flag of peace and temporary surrender by the old regime, an ingenuine and cynical: “We were wrong; you are right.” The translation: “We’ll see and good luck (with a fearful, evil smirk)!” What the old regime did wrong, when or how, would still be a mystery if we were to wait for a voluntary admission of guilt, a frank sense of accountability, or a smidgen of repentance. 24 September, 2018 12:19 UN Secretary General Calls Armenian Revolution “A Fantastic Example” “It is true, we see authoritarianism being on the rise. And it is important to transfer into civil society. It’s important to have people and namely young people that are able to come together and to show that democracy, freedom, հuman rights are extremely important for our societies. We just had, recently, a fantastic example of a peaceful transition that was led by youth, Armenia. There was a peaceful governmental transition led by a youth movement and these are fantastic examples to show that there are reasons to hope that the youth generation would be able to do better than my own generation,” Guterres said. 23 September, 2018 13:48 Justin Trudeau se rendra en Arménie pour le Sommet de la Francophonie Le premier ministre du Canada, Justin Trudeau,  a annoncé le 21 septembre qu’il se rendra à Erevan, en Arménie, pour assister au 17e Sommet de la Francophonie Il séjournera dans la pays du 11 au 13 octobre Il s’agira de sa première visite officielle en ArménieLe Sommet de la Francophonie se tient tous les deux ans et réunit les chefs d’Etat membres de l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie Le thème principale de cette année sera consacré au “ Vivre ensemble dans la solidarité, le partage des valeurs humanistes et le respect de la diversité Source de paix et de prospérité pour l’espace francophone“Le Canada entretient une excellente relation avec l’Arménie et je suis impatient de resserrer encore davantage les liens qui nous unissent Ensemble, nous discuterons de moyens de créer de nouvelles opportunités économiques 22 սեպտեմբեր, 2018 19:12 The Citizen Observers of the Yerevan City Council Election Ruben Amatuni will participate in Yerevan City Council elections on September 23 as a citizen observer. He is one of 662 volunteers from 8 domestic NGOs who are participating in the observation process. This year, there are significantly fewer observers. Some say this is due to a higher level of public confidence in the integrity of the elections.
22 September, 2018 14:02 Justin Trudeau to Travel to Armenia for Francophonie Summit Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on September 21 that he will be traveling to Yerevan, Armenia, from October 11 to 13, to attend the XVII Francophonie Summit. This will be Trudeau’s first official visit to Armenia.

Held every two years, the Francophonie Summit gathers Heads of states of all member countries of the International Organization of the Francophonie around the themes of discussion. The year’s theme is “Living together in solidarity, shared humanistic values, and respect for diversity: a source of peace and prosperity in La Francophonie.”
21 September, 2018 22:47 The Bittersweet Taste of Armenia’s Independence Day As in the years before, this year, too, Armenia’s street are crowded on the 21st of September. Tens of thousands are celebrating Armenia’s 27th year of independence from the Soviet Union. Despite the euphoria, those 27 years have always had a touch of longing for what was lost. However, this year there was a different flavor... 19 September, 2018 21:10 Searching movie, a Forerunner in Hollywood Movie Industry Sevak Ohanian and Natalie Qasabian are the producers of the movie SEARCHING, which tells the story of a father who’s investigating the disappearance of his daughter. The film is the first Hollywood thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor.

CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan talks with the producers on the necessity to mainstream and normalize diversity in the movie industry.
19 September, 2018 15:27 Yerevan Elections in Numbers Residents of Yerevan, Armenia, will elect a new City Council on September 23. This is the country’s first election following the “Velvet Revolution” that took place in in the Spring of 2018. Twelve parties and alliances are taking part in the election. There are 979 candidates competing for 65 eligible seats.