29 հոկտեմբեր, 2019 10:15 The U.S. Has Used this Genocide as a Political Tool. It’s Time for That to Change. The Armenian genocide is casting its shadow on the halls of Congress once again this week, as lawmakers in the House of Representatives consider a resolution recognizing the crime. The resolution would acknowledge the uprooting, dispossession and destruction of an entire nation during World War I, encourage public understanding and commemoration of what happened, and reject the denial of genocide.
The measure is a long time coming. Yet, for Armenian American descendants of genocide survivors, it engenders an acrid feeling of deja vu.
25 October, 2019 18:44 Celebrating Vanadzor Vanadzor Day celebration will take place on October 26 
Armenia’s third largest city is celebrated every October, starting in 2000
Concerts, performances and exhibitions will  honor the city, its rich culture and history
Vanadzor is the capital of the northern Province of Lori
The city was known as Gharakilisa during the days of the Russian Empire 
During the Soviet Union, the city was named  Kirovakan and became a thriving industrial town 
32 industrial enterprises operated there, producing goods for more than 40 countries
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the majority of Kirovakan’s industries closed their doors
The city was renamed Vanadzor in 1992
But the town has more than one trick up its sleeve 
Vanadzor is home to many talented artists
With popular musical groups like Vordan Karmir and Lav Eli 
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says it is time to refocus the huge potential the city has to offer 
And it all starts by celebr
24 October, 2019 11:08 Protests in Azerbaijan: Interview with Journalist Seymur Kazimov October 19 - Police in Azerbaijan detained scores of protesters, including the leader of the main opposition party, Popular Front, at the start of a planned rally against low salaries, corruption and a lack of democracy in the energy-rich ex-Soviet state on.
The following day, civilians took to the streets to protest domestic violence and  lack of women’s rights in the country.

CivilNet’s Stella Mehrabekyan talked to Azerbaijani journalist Seymur Kazimov about the cause and impact of these protests.
24 October, 2019 10:15 Azerbaijan: Why Ilham Aliyev’s Removal of Ramiz Mehdiyev is Significant           In three years as president Donald Trump has had three chiefs of staff, one of the many indications of his administration’s volatility. In Russia, Vladimir Putin has had half a dozen different chiefs of staff since coming to power 19 years ago. In Armenia, Robert Kocharyan had four different chiefs of staff, as did Serzh Sargsyan. In Azerbaijan, the same person – Ramiz Mehdiyev - has been the chief of staff for almost quarter of a century under both Heydar Aliyev and Ilham Aliyev.

23 October, 2019 17:03 Forest Summit Takes Place in Armenia The inaugural "Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia", co-organized by the Armenia Tree Project and the American University of Armenia Acopian Center for the Environment, took place in Yerevan from October 20 to 23.

Globally, forests are critical in the fight against climate change, in conserving biodiversity, and in ensuring water security. Armenia has embraced the agenda of forest conservation and restoration by committing to double its forest cover by 2050.
21 October, 2019 12:32 Why the Long Conflict Over Nagorno-Karabakh Could Heat Up Again։ Thomas de Waal Pashinyan came to office suddenly and unexpectedly in April 2018 on a wave of popular protests that swept away the previous government, which had monopolized power and was tainted by corruption. That peaceful revolution transformed Armenia overnight, briefly put it on the world’s television screens and even made it The Economist’s “country of the year,” as the state that had “improved the most in the past 12 months.” 20 October, 2019 11:44 Yazidi Activist Mirza Dinnayi Announced as the 2019 Aurora Prize Laureate Working on behalf of the Yazidi community, Mirza Dinnayi has dedicated his whole life to saving the victims of the Iraq war, evacuating women and children from territories controlled by ISIS and providing those tortured and violated with rehabilitation and support. It was Dinnayi who brought to Germany the future Sakharov Prize Laureate Lamya Haji Bashar. Today, she is a renowned human rights activist and has one of Aurora’s scholarships named after her. 19 October, 2019 09:05 Head of Armenia’s Constitutional Court Under Investigation: Emil Sanamyan’s Commentary Armenia’s Special Investigative Service has launched a criminal case against the head of the country’s Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. Days earlier, members of the Constitutional Court refused to follow the demands of the parliamentary majority to oust Tovmasian. National Security Service summoned Tovmasian’s father and two daughters for questioning. 18 October, 2019 17:54 The Life of Genocide Survivor Aurora Mardiganian : An Exhibition An exhibition showcasing Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, took place in Yerevan during the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity programming -- a prize named for Mardiganian. The exhibition entitled ‘This is My Story: Aurora Mardiganian and Women’s Stories That Inspire and Empower the World’ seeks to portray her as an example of human courage and survival.
18 հոկտեմբեր, 2019 15:12 From Iraq to Germany: Escaping ISIS Atrocities Mirza Dinnayi is a Yazidi activist and co-Founder of Luftbrücke Irak (Air Bridge Iraq), a humanitarian organization that flies Yazidi victims from Iraq to Germany for medical treatment.

He is one of the three humanitarians of the 2019 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. The Aurora Prize recognizes people for performing acts of exceptional courage and their commitment to saving human life.

Mirza Dinnayi talks to CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan about the resilience of the Yazidi people and the need for nations to act in order to prevent genocides such as the one committed against the Yazidis in Iraq in 2014.
17 հոկտեմբեր, 2019 16:33 Կալիֆոռնիան մոտեցնելով Հայաստանին / Bringing California closer to Armenia Հայաստան են այցելել Կալիֆոռնիայի նահանգային խորհրդի անդամ Ադրին Նազարյանը և Լոս Անջելեսի քաղաքային խորհրդի անդամ Փոլ Գրիգորյանը։ Ամերիկահայ գործիչներն այստեղ էին՝ մասնակցելու Արցախում տեղի ունեցած Խաղաղության ֆորումին։ Երևանում Գրիգորյանն ու Նազարյանն այցելում են մի քանի վայր՝ ծանոթանալու սպորտի, կրթության և նորագույն տեխնոլոգիների ոլորտներում Հայաստանի ձեռբերումներին ու խնդիրներին։

The California state Assembly member Adrin Nazarian and Los Angeles City Council member Paul Krikorian are in Armenia. The two American-Armenian officials were here to participate to the Peace forum in Artsakh. Back in Yerevan Krekorian and Nazarian visited a few institutions to get acquainted to the achievements in the fields of sports, education and IT in Armenia.
16 հոկտեմբեր, 2019 13:21 Armenia Should Be Cautious in Managing its Relations with Israel Respecting Iran’s Redlines: Iranian Expert Iranian public opinion and the Iranian government alike, highly value the country’s ties with Armenia and the overall perception about Tehran-Yerevan relations have been always positive. As a result, almost all the analyses about Rouhani’s recent visit to Armenia were positive, both in terms of bilateral ties with Yerevan and multilateral diplomacy within the EAEU. As for the Iranian view toward political changes in Armenia, the overwhelming view in Iran was that it’s a purely domestic issue. Iran’s only concern was the possibility that the events might have caused instability in Armenia, which would affect Iran directly because of its neighborhood with Iran. But fortunately, the calm came back to Armenia very soon and the new administration showed that it’s stick to the policy of good relations with Iran.