15 September, 2020 19:45 Back To School Day in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh During the Pandemic In Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, school officially started on September 15.

For Armenia’s students, strict anti-epidemic rules are in place as schools reopen six months after lessons were halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Nagorno-Karabakh, school started almost the same way, with disinfectants and thermometers, but no masks.
15 September, 2020 10:31 Former EU Ambassador Recommends the EU to Pay More Attention to Armenia and the EAP Region Ambassador Piotr Switalski, former head of the European Union Delegation in Armenia who served between 2015 and 2019 has written a book entitled “The Armenian Revolution. An Unfinished Cable,” published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 14 September, 2020 22:12 Armenian Fathers Will Be Encouraged to Take Paternity Leave ✓Schools Started for First Graders Under Pandemic Protocol
✓The Government Encourages Paternity Leave for Armenian Fathers
✓Former EU Ambassador to Armenia Piotr Switalski Releases a Book About Armenian Revolution
✓New Cases of Covid-19 but the Numbers Are Stable. Three People Died
13 September, 2020 14:01 The Navalny case is undermining Nord Stream 2 just after the crisis in Belarus had strengthened it: Petrostrategies Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gasline project is facing its biggest threat ever, and its support in Germany, the country which has so far backed it against all attacks, is being shaken. On September 8, during a closed meeting of her CDU party’s parliamentary group, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the question of whether or not to cancel (or suspend) the Nord Stream 2 gasline project, in response to Russia’s latest actions, is now open and would be submitted to the European Union (EU). The Russian government is strongly suspected of being behind the attempted murder by poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which came to light on August 20. Over the last few days, many in Germany, even within the CDU itself, have called for Nord Stream 2 to be shut down, and comments attributed to Merkel have suggested that she herself may be considering such a move. 11 September, 2020 22:24 Ahead of Neighbors: Armenia Ranks Best in the Region in Social Progress Index - 2020 ✓Hayastan All Armenian Fund Allocates $412,000 for Lebanese and Syrian Armenians.

✓Social Progress Index - 2020: Armenia Is the Leader in Its Region.

✓Azerbaijan Has Declared Two Armenian Servicemen Wanted.

✓Over 27 Year Old Men Who Have Not Served in the Armenian Army Will Be Able to Return.

✓US State Department Report Notes Improvement in Armenia’s Business Environment.

✓New Cases and Three Deaths Due to COVID-19 as of September 11.

✓Karabakh Will Have Free Higher Education: Is it Good or Bad?
10 September, 2020 22:26 Regular Flights Will Resume in Mid-September ✓The Armenian government is going to lift the restrictions on air transportation in September․

✓Member of the Parliament, Arsen Julfalakyan resigned from his position. Due to disagreements with Minister of education, science, culture and sport Arayik Harutyunyan.

✓Protesters in Yerevan showed their support for the Belarusian activists demonstrating against their government.

✓The citizens of Armenia wishing to leave for Russia held a rally in the streets of Yerevan.

✓174 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.
10 September, 2020 14:49 Security or development and democratization? Revolution’s rejection of false dilemmas For the last 25 years, political discourse in Armenia considered whether wider democratization and economic development would be possible if the Artsakh conflict remained unresolved. This question has played a key role in the positioning of political parties and figures on either side of the discourse.
9 September, 2020 22:10 Yerevan City Council Tightens Regulations for Street Traders ✓The Yerevan City Council tightens regulations for street traders.

✓Lebanese-Armenians who arrived in Yerevan have been granted a fee and tax waiver for 2020.

✓The construction of the North-South highway that was stopped due to the Covid 19 lockdown has resumed

✓As of September 9, 199 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Armenia, 431 recovered and two people died.
9 September, 2020 20:59 External Factors in Post-election Developments in Belarus|Արտաքին գործոնը Բելառուսի հետընտրական զարգացումներում The August 9 Presidential elections and post – election developments in Belarus are in the center of focus of both Mass Media and expert community. There are several assessments regarding the involvement of foreign actors and their intentions. Some experts argue that post-election protests were organized by Russia, which key goal is to force President Lukashenko out of power. Others believe in more traditional explanations; Western powers, in particular Poland and Baltic states have sought to organize a new “color revolution” in the post-soviet space, to bring anti-Russian forces into power and to pull Belarus out of Russian sphere of influence.
9 September, 2020 20:05 English Park. A Portrait The development and renovation of Yerevan’s English Park lasted from the 1860s to the years preceding the First World War.
8 September, 2020 22:10 Restrictions on Entry to Nagorno-Karabakh Are Lifted For Armenian Citizens ✓According to the Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia, roughly $205 million are lacking as a result of loan payments.

✓Armenia’s minister of Justice, Rustam Badasyan, reacted to the legal successors of the victims of the March 1 case statement.

✓The restrictions on entering and leaving Artsakh due to the coronavirus epidemic are lifted.
7 September, 2020 21:58 Ukraine Eases the Entry of Armenian Citizens As the Covid-19 Situation Improves in Armenia ✓According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the positive dynamics of the covid-19 situation in Armenia convinced Ukraine to allow more freedom of movement for people traveling from Yerevan to Kiev.
✓The Armenian National Assembly voted 80 to 28 today to adopt a government-proposed package that will not allow it to extend the state of emergency after it comes to an end on September 11.