30 March, 2020 22:25 Armenia Adopts Controversial Data Collection Bill to Fight Coronavirus Amid strong opposition, Armenia’s National Assembly adopted a draft bill that could limit the right to protection of personal data. On March 30, 57 deputies voted for the draft bill, 24 against and one abstention. Lilit Makunts, the parliamentary leader of the ruling My Step Bloc, said the bill will likely be amended before being passed in the final reading.

30 March, 2020 21:36 Government Moves to Track Down Contacts of COVID-19 Patients Two more died of COVID-19, with a further 58 cases confirmed. Georgia and Russia will provide Armenian freight with a “Green Zone.” Karabakh’s Elections will take place on March 31 despite the risk of coronavirus. The government passed a bill allowing it to access citizens’ phone data to track down contacts of COVID-19 patients. And Armenian banks have agreed to suspend loan repayments for some families and businesses.
30 March, 2020 16:19 Another Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Armenia’s Armed Forces A serviceman has tested positive for coronavirus after a test within the last 24 hours, according to Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of Armenia’s Defense Ministry.

30 March, 2020 14:26 Armenia to Have a “Green Zone” on the Georgia-Russia Border By Ani Paitjan

Georgia and Russia will provide a “green zone” for Armenian cargo at the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border.
29 March, 2020 16:33 Seven Early Lessons From the Coronavirus: Ivan Krastev "What strange days we are living in", a Spanish friend wrote to me yesterday – and strange they are. We do not know when the Covid-19 pandemic will end; we do not know how it will end; and, at present, we can only speculate about its long-term political and economic impact. In a time of crisis, we are infected with uncertainty. But there at least seven things that make this crisis very different from previous ones.

28 March, 2020 20:38 Economic Impact of COVID-19: André Andonian André Andonian, Managing Partner at McKinsey & Company Japan and Board Member of McKinsey & Company Inc. Global, spoke about the possible economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic for the global economy.

André Andonian was one of the panelists at the online webinar “COVID-19: Challenging General Fear,” that was live-streamed on CivilNet.
28 March, 2020 19:34 Understanding 20th Century Armenia: Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan “Armenia 3.0. Understanding 20th Century Armenia”: this is the title of a book that is based on nine video lectures delivered by the Director of Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), writer Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan between December 2016 and March 2017. The book’s main idea is the introduction of the “post-Soviet” variable into the calculations about Armenia’s reform and development. The April Revolution of 2018 can be explained as a huge step away from and a rebellion against that variable. One can say that, with this Revolution, Armenia made a significant step towards ceasing to be a post-Soviet society. However, these “post-Soviet” diseases may come back. The virus may lay dormant for a while and then spring back to strike again. We have seen this pattern before in our society. Therefore, these chapters remain relevant, and we hope they will be worthwhile the attention of our readers.

27 March, 2020 20:49 New COVID-19 Cases in Army; Pashinyan Calls Random People’s Numbers The Prime Minister calls citizens to ask how they’re holding up. 39 new cases of COVID-19 and 10 more recoveries. Entry to Nagorno Karabakh from Armenia is temporarily blocked. Government eases press restrictions. And Inecobank’s report predicts Armenia will have positive growth despite the pandemic.
27 March, 2020 18:14 Armenia: New Cases of COVID-19 in Army; PM Pashinyan Calls Random Phone Numbers Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called random phone numbers in order to talk with Armenia’s residents on March 27.

He stated that his objective was to maintain contact with citizens and understand what their situations are in this period of crisis and isolation due to the pandemic.
27 March, 2020 16:53 Armenia to Have Positive Growth, Despite Pandemic, Report Suggests Inecobank’s analysts mention that the continued spread of coronavirus worldwide significantly increased uncertainties in the world economies and financial markets, which is reflected in the continued decline of developed countries' stock indices, commodity prices, as well as the devaluation of national currencies in developing countries. These factors will consequently have an impact on the Armenian economy, primarily on the services sector and especially on sub-sectors related to tourism and entertainment, as well as export based industries.

26 March, 2020 22:22 Armenia Records First Coronavirus Death First Coronavirus Death and 28 more cases of coronavirus confirmed. Three Armenian servicemen tested positive for coronavirus. General elections in Nagorno-Karabakh will go ahead. The World Food Program will provide Armenia with ventilators. And the government discussed the 300 Million aid package for businesses.
26 March, 2020 20:17 First Death Due To Coronavirus in Armenia By Ani Paitjan
A 72yearold victim of coronavirus died at the Nork Infectious Diseases Hospital on March 26
This is the first death caused by COVID19 in Armenia
“The patient was infected by the virus, bilateral pneumonia, multiple organs deficiency, respiratory distress syndrome, hypertension and arrhythmia Unfortunately, concomitant illnesses meant we could not save the patient’s life,” stated Alina Nikoghosyan, Press Secretary of the Ministry of Health 
According to Nikoghosyan, the patient was in the resuscitation department since March 25 and in extremely grave condition 
The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Armenia has reached 290, as of March 26 Later the same day, three servicemen also tested positive for the virus, it is not clear yet whether the total number includes them 36 patients have pneumonia and 18 have recovered
On March 16, Armenia introduced a state of emergency effective till April 14 Beginning from March 23 new restrictions on the fr