8 October, 2019 11:55 Number One Priority is Podcasting and Audio Content: Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerMedia had a speech at the WCIT 2019 in Yerevan on the distribution and communication on the web. 3 October, 2019 14:19 Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala spends 700th day behind bars ISTANBUL — Human rights defenders on Monday called the continued detention of Osman Kavala, a philanthropist who promoted reconciliation with Armenians and Kurds in Turkey, a “political decision” that seeks to instill fear among Turkey's civil society.

On Tuesday, Kavala, who turns 62 this week, will have spent 700 days in prison on charges he organized mass protests to save an Istanbul park in 2013 in a secret effort to topple the government. He and 15 others return to court next week and, if convicted, face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in a case decried by the European Union as undermining human rights.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Kavala of “financing the terrorists in the Gezi events” and of receiving support from the “famous Hungarian Jew Soros,” referring to the American billionaire George Soros, who has become a bogeyman in Turkey and in far-right circles in the United States and Europe for his support for democratic causes.
3 October, 2019 14:05 Armenia and the U.S.: Time for New Thinking Armenia’s 2018 Velvet Revolution raised hopes for a reinvigoration of the country’s decades-long partnership with the U.S. However, this relationship remains stagnant, despite the visit of a U.S. delegation led by National Security Advisor John Bolton in October 2018 and the subsequent visit of Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent to Yerevan in May 2019, resulting in the formal elevation of Armenia’s relations with the U.S. to the level of “strategic dialogue.” Moreover, Yerevan’s decision to dispatch a military-humanitarian mission to Syria remains an irritant in its interaction with Washington. As a consequence, the ties have reached a historical low-point in comparison with the improving cooperation between the U.S. and other Caucasian states.

2 October, 2019 17:00 World's Largest Yazidi Temple Opened in Armenia World’s largest Yazidi temple is in Armenia. “Malek Taus and Seven angels” temple opened its doors on September 29 in Aknalich, a small village 35km from Yerevan. The temple’s seven domes, each with a gold-plated sun on the top, represent seven angels revered by the Yazidis. The project was funded by Mirza Sloian, a Yazidi businessman from Moscow.
2 October, 2019 09:10 Perspectives of EAEU – EU Relations: A Look from Armenia The relations or the lack thereof between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and European Union (EU) are one of the key topics of debates between international relations pundits. There are different assessments regarding the current situation and forward progress. However, almost all experts agree that the key issue here is the relations between Russia and the West (US/EU/NATO). As long as these relations are at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, there is almost no chance of any substantial cooperation between these two organizations. The reason behind this logic is clear – the West collectively perceives the EAEU as another offspring of Russian regional policy. From this perspective, Russia is the key decision maker in the EAEU and you may not foster relations with this Union without first having Russia’s approval. 27 September, 2019 04:22 Pashinyan Speaks at U.N., Urges Aliyev To Create Conditions For Progress in Karabakh Peace Process Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a speech at the 74th session of the U.N. General Assembly on September 26. Among other issues, Pashinyan spoke about the achievements of the Velvet Revolution, the fight against corruption in Armenia and the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 26 September, 2019 21:40 PODCAST! Armenia's Amulsar Gold Mine, a Test for Pashinyan On September 9, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that the Amulsar Gold Mine will continue to operate in Armenia’s south. This announcement comes despite year-long protests by activists and residents of nearby towns, and despite an environmental impact assessment report that warns of significant impact to the environment.

The Amulsar mine is operated by Lydian International. The company is officially registered in Jersey, Channel Islands, known as an offshore financial center.

Now, the Pashinyan’s government faces a real test of governance. Activists say they plan to continue and strengthen the blockade of the roads that lead to the mine. In turn, Lydian International is threatening to sue the Armenian government for two billion dollars for breaching a contract that was signed with the previous government.
26 September, 2019 20:10 US Commission on Religious Freedom Concerned about Turkish Government's Interference in the Election of Armenian Patriarch According to the press release issued by USCIRF on September 26, Turkish authorities have issued guidelines for the election of a new patriarch for the Armenian Apostolic Church. The guidelines reportedly include a new condition that would preclude clerics serving outside of Turkey from participating in the election and severely restrict the number of individuals eligible to stand for election. The election for patriarch is scheduled to take place on December 11, 2019.

25 September, 2019 17:18 Saryan Park: Colors that Complete Yerevan Saryan Park, or Saryan’s Vernissage as it’s often called, is a place where artists have been exhibiting and selling their paintings since the 1980s. Located in the heart of Yerevan, Saryan Park has become a colorful corner of the city. The park is named after the famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan.
25 September, 2019 11:19 Education in Armenia: Deputy Minister of Education on the Country’s Future The government of Armenia has emphasized educational reform as one of the prerequisites for the sustainable development of the country.
Armenia is currently transitioning from the Soviet-era system of 10-year schooling to a 12-year education cycle, composed of a three-tier system that includes primary, medium and high schools. More than 1,400 general education schools are operating throughout the country.
23 September, 2019 16:46 A Corner of the Diaspora – Attempting to Collaborate, Again Representatives of twenty Southern California Armenian organizations met at the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church to announce the formation of a new coordinating body — the Pan-Armenian Council of Western USA. The Council’s stated mission is to implement and realize projects that advance the collective interests of Armenians throughout the region. 21 September, 2019 19:45 Independence Day in Gyumri : Art Crafts and Food Today, Armenians are celebrating the 28th anniversary of Independence. For the first time, the main events of the celebration are taking place outside the capital Yerevan, here in the second largest city of Gyumri. To mark the occasion, arts representing the Shirak region are being exhibited on Shahumyan street, while food pavilions have been set up on Abovyan Street awaiting the visitors of Gyumri on this special day. Let’s take a look at them together.