6 September, 2020 20:18 Falling Oil Revenues Compel Azerbaijan to Reform its Public Sector: Petrostrategies   Hit hard by falling oil revenues, Azerbaijan is trying to make its public sector more efficient through fundamental reform, possibly involving the privatization of some state-owned corporations. Thus, at the behest of President Ilham Aliyev, a holding company was founded on August 7 to bring together and manage “all state-owned companies”, including energy firms. On the previous day, during a public video-meeting with his government, Aliyev had criticized public-sector companies in very harsh terms, accusing them not only of mismanagement but also of dragging his country’s economy downward. These companies use the state budget to finance their projects and to bail themselves out if they make a loss, he asserted.
6 September, 2020 20:05 Laurence Broers On 2020 Skirmishes, Karabakh Peace Talks And New Book Associate Fellow at Chatham House and expert on the South Caucasus, Dr Laurence Broers, gives his take on the current state of Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks, the 2020 skirmishes and his new book, entitled, “Armenia’s Velvet Revolution: authoritarian decline and civil resistance in a multipolar world.”
5 September, 2020 20:36 What Can Belarusians Learn From The Armenian Revolution? Anna Ohanyan, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Stonehill College, recently wrote an article for Al Jazeera entitled, Belarusians can learn a lot from Armenia’s Revolution. Ohanyan spoke to CivilNet’s Emilio Cricchio about the comparisons of the protest movements in Belarus and Armenia, as well as future developments and Russia’s role.
4 September, 2020 21:45 New Minibuses Added to Yerevan’s Bus Fleet Armenia’s Russian run railway dispute has been resolved.

Former President Serzh Sargsyan has not appeared at his trial.

190 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed.

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan has promised more green spaces for the capital.
4 September, 2020 19:59 Breakdown of Yerevan’s Architectural History The Pink City is unique in its aesthetic, and much of that has to do with its architecture that spans centuries, different political ideologies and countless styles. CivilNet spoke to Mark Grigoryan, the head of Yerevan’s Museum of Architecture, to delve deeper into the main characteristics of the city.

4 September, 2020 16:09 Energy is Just a Card in Ankara’s Game: Petrostrategies Political and military tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean rose so high in August that, in the words of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, “the slightest spark can lead to disaster”. Faced with the escalation of the Turkish offensive, France deployed a carrier strike group to the region, while joint military maneuvers were held by Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy, as well as by Greece and the UAE. At least one incident between Greek and Turkish ships (a collision between frigates) took place, as well as countless provocations over the Mediterranean by military aircraft from both countries.

3 September, 2020 22:13 Armenia Jumped 19 Places In UN’s e-Government Index ✓Armenia has jumped 19 places in the UN’s e-Government Index.

✓Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan has stated that the conflict with Azerbaijan is unlikely to be resolved in the near future, Armenian side must be combat ready.

✓The government will provide financial benefits to olympic athletes.

✓Armenia has condemned Turkish disruptions of NATO and UN flights involving Armenian peacekeepers.

✓The Health Ministry has spent $23 million on its pandemic response.
2 September, 2020 22:37 Armenia Not Considering All-For-All Prisoner Exchange with Azerbaijan ✓ The Foreign Ministry has reported that the Red Cross has still not visited the recently captured Armenian Officer in Azerbaijan.

✓ A new criminal case has been initiated against former police chief Vladimir Gasparyan.

✓ The death toll from the series of alcohol poisonings in Armavir reaches 14.

✓ The iGorts young diasporan work program has begun.
1 September, 2020 22:56 Armenia To Create 100,000 Strong Auxiliary Military Force, Includes Women 0:00 Armenia plans to create a 100,000 strong auxiliary military force which will include women.
1:09 Eleven die of alcohol poisoning.
1:43 The Armenian Foreign Minister says he is ready to meet with his Azerbaijani counterpart.
2:27 A new criminal case has been opened against Serzh Sargsyan’s head bodyguard.
3:00 An explosion at a brandy factory kills two.
31 August, 2020 22:18 Armenian Military Mulls Buying More Russian Fighter Jets ✓The Armenian Military is mulling purchasing more Russian fighter jets.

✓HyeAid has raised around $1.4 million for the Armenian community in Lebanon.

✓Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has visited Nagorno-Karabakh.

✓More Armenian hospitals have returned to normal operations.
31 August, 2020 15:51 Why Was Turkey’s Reaction Harsher in the Recent Armenian-Azerbaijani Escalation than in the 2016 April War? A Turkish Perspective The skirmishes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in July and Turkey’s unprecedented harsh reaction against Armenia has given rise to various interpretations regarding Turkey’s stance. Diana Yayloyan, a Research Associate at TEPAV, an Ankara based think-tank spoke to Professor Dr. Ilhan Uzgel to shed light on Turkey’s perspective on the developments in the South Caucasus.
28 August, 2020 22:37 Lebanese Armenians Find New Home in Artsakh ✓The Armenian Foreign Ministry has released a statement regarding the Armenian officer captured by Azerbaijan.
✓Artsakh’s President has encouraged Lebanese-Armenians to repatriate to Artsakh.
✓Armenia’s Health Ministry has not applied to receive a Russian-approved COVID-19 vaccine.
✓A whole new village is set to be built in the region of Shirak.