26 March, 2020 13:34 Three Servicemen Tested for Coronavirus Coronavirus tests were carried out on three servicemen on March 25.

According to Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of Armenia’s Defense Minister, the tests were a necessary anti-epidemic and preventive measure by Armenia’s armed forces to prevent the penetration and spread of the virus.

25 March, 2020 21:09 The Once Vibrant Yerevan is Now Empty 14 New COVID-19 cases, 14 Recoveries. NSS moves to arrest former Yerevan mayor. Armenia to increase production of facial masks. And Civilnet took footage of Yerevan in lockdown.
25 March, 2020 03:34 Armenia Implements Complete Lockdown Over COVID-19 In a March 24 televised address, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that the country will go into complete lockdown for one week starting Tuesday, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thousands of businesses and organizations will close their doors and only those providing basic necessities will remain open, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and banks. This drastic measure has already been implemented in European countries and various states in the U.S.
24 March, 2020 22:06 Armenia Goes into Lockdown Armenia goes into lockdown Armenia supports the UN’s call for a global ceasefire China to donate medical equipment to Armenia Armenian tycoon says he won’t pay workers on leave United States to stop sending aid to NagornoKarabakh And efforts continue to prevent the spread of COVID19 in the military 24 March, 2020 16:13 Coronavirus: Armenia Steps Up State of Emergency Measures By Ani Paitjan
All cafes and restaurants, as well as certain businesses and building construction sites will be suspended for at least one week in Yerevan, in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus This governmental decision is effective from March 24
New measures came into effect after Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced, during a Live on Facebook on March 23, that the country needs tougher measures and a stricter approach against the outbreak 
“There will be exceptions only for delivery services Some construction works will also stop The operation of textile factories, a number of light industry branches will be stopped too,’’ he said
This move comes as new information has emerged about the spread of the virus in the country In the same Live stream, Pashinyan stated that 41 new cases of the coronavirus were registered, which brings the total people contaminated in the country to 235
“The situation creates concern for the government,”
23 March, 2020 22:08 Daily Armenia: Elderly To Have Special Shopping Hours Government to introduce measures to neutralize pandemic’s economic consequences
Armenia’s total number of COVID19 cases reaches 194
Armenian Parliament criminalizes breaking isolation
Businesses close to prevent coronavirus spread
And Elderly people are to have special shopping hours
22 March, 2020 17:24 Coronavirus: Iran Could Face Humanitarian Catastrophe Under US Sanctions Pooya Hosseini is the CEO & Founder of the "Armenia-Iran Strategic Cooperation Development Center" foundation. In an interview with CivilNet’s Stella Mehrabekyan, he spoke about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, the government’s measures and how Iranians celebrate their national holiday of Nowruz. 21 March, 2020 22:00 Daily Armenia: Criminalizing the Violation of Isolation, the Elderly to Receive Home Deliveries Armenia’s number of cases of COVID19 reaches 160 Elderly people living alone will receive food deliveries Armenia is set to criminalize violating isolation regulations And the Armenian President conducts an online lecture 21 March, 2020 12:18 Armenia’s Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport to Boost Virtual Content By Ani Paitjan
Arayik Harutyunyan, Armenia’s Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, announced that his ministry will boost access to educational and cultural content online on March 20 
Since the declaration of the state of emergency in the country on March 16 due to the coronavirus outbreak, public cultural events are prohibited 
Thus, programs for online education are being designed so that students continue their curriculum despite the situation
The same process is going on for museums, libraries and theaters Those cultural fields are creating virtual programs that they display on their social media accounts and on their websites
“I checked the numbers of views this morning, they reached more than 10 thousands viewsThis proves that our society has big demand for high quality content in terms of culture, art, and education,” said Harutyunyan
The first episode of a new show named ‘Cultural Corona Pause’ Մշակութային կորոնադադար will take the a
21 March, 2020 10:41 Overcoming COVID-19: When the Creatives Get Creative Artist Vahe Berberian and Multi-intstrumentalist Ara Dabandjian created a music video perfect for the age of self-isolation: Ara's instrumental version of Գետակի Ափին (By the River) brings together an array of musicians, in the safest of ways. 20 March, 2020 21:47 Daily Armenia: $650,000 Raised to Fight Pandemic, Limitations Set on Exports of Some Goods Armenia’s number of cases of COVID19 rises above 130 $650,000 was raised in only three days to help with Armenia’s coronavirus response The OSCE Minsk Group has called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to refrain from provocations on the frontline The Armenian government announces limitations on the exports of certain goods 20 March, 2020 20:20 The virus will teach us few things. It will most probably change the way we live. It already has! Hollywood has taught us to believe in happy endings. We have been trained that everything will be all right and the day will be saved, maybe by a lowly scientist working somewhere in a basement. Maybe it will. I certainly do hope so. In the meantime though, the reality may be slowly settling in.