24 December, 2019 20:06 Melikbekyan Elected as New Head of the Armenian Football Federation Armen Melikbekyan has been elected as the new head of the Armenian Football Federation on December 23.

The head to head race was between Melikbekyan, the First Vice President and General Secretary of the Football Federation of Armenia, and Tovmas Grigoryan, owner of Lori football club.

Melikbekyan won by 13 votes, whilst Grigoryan received 7 votes.
24 December, 2019 11:59 Renovation of Former Printing House Raises Preservation, Transparency Concerns By Mark Dovich
The renovation of a Sovietera printing house in central Yerevan has raised concerns among civic activists about the government’s handling of the city’s historical and cultural heritage According to architectural plans from the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport that were approved in September 2019, an additional floor will be added to the printing house to serve as a venue for the city’s pantomime theater, which had previously lacked a permanent space The Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Narine Khachaturyan, went on the record explaining that rainwater had leaked through the building’s roof, causing the growth of mold and making the renovation necessary
Aside from the issue of preserving the printing house, one of the city’s most prominent Sovietera buildings, civic activists have also raised concerns about the government’s lack of transparency in the decision to move forward with the renovation Though the Minis
24 December, 2019 11:37 Armenia’s Football Federation Elects New Head: Why Is It Important? By Emilio Luciano Cricchio
Armen Melikbekyan has been elected as the new head of the Armenian Football Federation on December 23 
The head to head race was between Melikbekyan, the First Vice President and General Secretary of the Football Federation of Armenia, and Tovmas Grigoryan, owner of Lori football club 
The three horse race went down to two on Saturday after Soviet football legend Khoren Hovhannisyan withdrew and endorsed Melikbekyan 
Members of the executive body of the sporting federation have also been elected
Melikbekyan said upon winning the election, “We should change the system and the management of football should be handed to people and the football community For the proportional development of football in Armenia a professional Football League should be established”
Previous elections to the body were considered more a formality than a competitive process, analysts see this election as being more open, democratised and competitive than previous electio
23 December, 2019 13:03 Four Arrested in Armenian Newborns Adoption Scandal  The uncovering of an illegal adoption ring in Armenia has led to the arrests of four, including Razmik Abrahamyan, head of a maternity hospital in Yerevan and the former chief obstetrician of Armenia.

21 December, 2019 21:30 Discovering Environmental Sustainability Projects in Vanadzor / Նոր այց «Բու» այլընտրանքային տուն In a new episode of Straight to the Village, Tim revisits the Boo Alternative House in the outskirts of Vanadzor in northern Armenia. The building has been turned into an alternative multipurpose hub and community space. Two years have passed since Tim’s first visit. What has changed? Did the project grow? What is still needed to make the eco friendly and sustainable house a success? 21 December, 2019 15:01 Serzh Sargsyan’s Nephew Extradited to Armenia From Czech Republic  Armenia’s former President Serzh Sargsyan’s nephew, Nareg Sargsyan has arrived in Yerevan after being extradited from the Czech Republic.

Nareg Sargsyan arrived in Yerevan on 21 December after the Czech Republic accepted a request from the Prosecutor General of Armenia to extradite Nareg Sargsyan.
20 December, 2019 11:08 Digging out of Deadlock in Nagorno-Karabakh: ICG Report Brussels based International Crisis Group ICG has published a report on NagornoKarabakh peace process, entitled “Digging out of Deadlock in NagornoKarabakh”
What’s new An opportunity has opened to reset deadlocked talks between Baku and Yerevan over the breakaway region of NagornoKarabakh The parties are a long way apart, but negotiations could help prevent a new escalation after years of growing militarisation and lay the groundwork for the conflict’s eventual resolution
Why does it matter The window may close if Baku and Yerevan do not act Already the thaw in ArmeniaAzerbaijan relations shows signs of frost Without talks on key issues – the future of areas adjacent to NagornoKarabakh and people currently residing there, prospects for international peacekeeping, and NagornoKarabakh’s status – positions risk hardening further
What should be done On the adjacent territories, temporarily fre
18 December, 2019 15:25 The Lost History of Armenian Women While “Mother Armenia” hovers over Yerevan as the gigantic symbol of strength and peace, under its shadow there are very few statues that represent important female figures of Armenian history. The statue of “Mother Armenia” is a reminder of all the courageous women who took arms alongside men to fight for Armenia, but it does not represent any names, making those women as symbolic as the statue itself.

16 December, 2019 17:47 From a Turkish Prison to Greek Islands: Sevan Nişanyan Talks to CivilNet in Yerevan In 2013, the day before Nişanyan began his scheduled incarceration, he talked to CivilNet about the reasons for his sentence, attitudes of the Turkish government towards minorities, especially Armenians, and his persistent efforts to push the Turkish government towards more democratic and tolerant policies That interview is available here 16 December, 2019 11:18 A Village Where Armenians and Azeris Share Problems Other Than Conflict “Does a village like this really exist?” my friend asked.

We were sitting in one of Yerevan’s cafes when I told her that I will spend my weekend in Georgia, where I will visit a village that is home to Armenians and Azeris who have lived together for decades.

For 30 years, the media has informed the public about violations of the Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement, the death of soldiers and sabre-rattling on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and line of contact. Given the situation, it is almost unthinkable that those two ethnnic groups might live in the same place as good neighbors. So, how do these ‘forever foes’ coexist in serenity?
13 December, 2019 16:49 Armenian Nuclear Scientist Nominated for Prestigious Award On December 12, the Arms Control Association, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to promoting public understanding of effective arms control policies, nominated Areg Danagoulian, a nuclear scientist at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, and his colleagues for the prestigious 2019 Arms Control Person(s) of the Year award.

13 December, 2019 12:02 Genocide, Armenia-Turkey relations, Artsakh: A Talk With Anthony Barsamian Anthony Barsamian is the Co-chair of the Armenian Assembly of America. Established in 1972, the Washington based Armenian institution has been advocating for Armenian Genocide recognition and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) independence and self-determination. CivilNet's Tatul Hakobyan spoke to Barsamian a few hours before the U.S. Senate’s historic resolution passage on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Armenia-Turkey and Armenia-US relations, as well as the Assembly's initiatives in Armenia are discussed in the interview.