27 August, 2020 21:42 April War Captain and Renowned Doctor Granted Highest State Decorations ✓The government has announced that the emergency state will not be extended.
✓Former minister Gagik Khachatryan will remain in detention.
✓Armenak Urfanyan will be posthumously granted the Hero of Artsakh decoration.
✓Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan has discussed the capture of an Armenian soldier with the OSCE chairperson personal representative.
✓Canada will provide Armenia with $260,000 for its pandemic response.
26 August, 2020 22:27 Six Year Old Beaten to Death in Tavush ✓ An Armenian officer captured in Azerbaijan is facing life behind bars.
✓ A 6 year old has died after being beaten to death in the region of Tavush.
✓ The government has revealed its newest high court judge nominee.
✓ An explosion has occurred in Yerevan’s Zeytun District, leaving one dead.
✓ Artur Mkrtchyan is to receive posthumous Hero of Artsakh decoration.
25 August, 2020 22:05 Survey: More Than 50% Respondents State that Their Economic Situation Has Worsened Since Covid-19 ✓The International Committee of the Red Cross started dialogue with Armenia and Azerbaijan over the issue of an Armenian officer.
✓According to the newly released report by the Caucasus Research Resource Center, more than half of respondents perceive coronavirus as the main factor causing the economic crisis in their lives.
✓Rumours are spreading that Armenia’s Minister of Health, Arsen Torosyan has submitted a resignation letter.
24 August, 2020 22:16 Armenia-Made Kalashnikovs Delivered to Armed Forces ✓The US is set to provide an additional $1.4 million for Armenia’s coronavirus response.

✓The Armenian and Russian Defense Ministers have signed an agreement regarding the air force.

✓An Armenian Armed Forces officer got lost in bad weather and was captured in Azerbaijan.

✓The first Armenia-made Kalashinikov rifles have been delivered to the Armed Forces.
21 August, 2020 22:07 Captain Ruben Sanamyan Receives Highest Military Honour Environmental activists accuse Lydian International of preparing to start mining operations at Amulsar.

The Green Climate Fund will provide Armenia with a $10 million grant for reforestation.

Artsakh’s Economy Ministry announced plans to build 1000 apartments per year.

The PM has attended a session of Armenia’s Security Council.
20 August, 2020 20:47 Armenia-Made Military Drones Have Been Tested Six out of the twenty hospitals treating Covid patients have returned to normal operations.

The victims’ relatives of the 2016 hostage crisis demand harsh sentences for the perpetrators.

The Asian Development Bank will provide $2 million for Armenia’s coronavirus response.

350 Armenian students will receive full scholarships.

Armenia’s domestically made strike drones have been tested.
19 August, 2020 20:17 Serzh Sargsyan Holds First Press Conference Since Revolution Former President Serzh Sargsyan has held his first press conference since the 2018 Revolution.

Corruption allegations have been levied against Former Yerevan Mayor Gagik Beglaryan.

The Education Ministry has revealed anti-epidemic measures for schools.

The Prime Minister has appointed a new chief advisor.

The Bright Armenia Party has applied to the constitutional court regarding recent constitutional changes.
19 August, 2020 19:40 The Pandemic’s Impact on Artsakh Tourism Though Artsakh’s tourism sector has been growing in recent years, with the onset of the global pandemic and restrictions on travel between Armenia and Artsakh, the sector has been squeezed. CivilNet’s Artsakh team hit the streets of Stepanakert to find out what’s the current situation for this sector in Artsakh.

18 August, 2020 20:34 Tsarukyan Company Faces Tax Liability Worth $2.8 Million Universities in Armenia are set to reopen in September.

Armenia’s tax authorities have submitted a tax liability worth $2.8 million regarding a Tsarukyan owned company.

Repair works have begun on houses in Tavush that were damaged during the skirmishes.

Armenia’s public debt has increased substantially.

The Asian Development Bank has provided a grant worth $750,000 for distance learning in Armenia.
17 August, 2020 20:35 Armenia is Developing Social Assistance and Integration Programs for Lebanese Armenians Vahram Avetisyan, a candidate for Armenia’s Constitutional Court has refused the position .

The tourism sector in Artsakh has experienced a significant decline.

Armenia is developing social assistance and integration programs for Lebanese Armenians.

Former President Serzh Sargsyan is to hold a press conference.
16 August, 2020 19:07 Lebanese-Armenians Look Towards Armenia as a New Home Sara Anjargolian is Chief of Staff to Zareh Sinanyan, Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. She has just returned to Armenia from a trip to Lebanon with the High Commissioner, following the massive explosion in Beirut on August 4, which resulted in more than 200 casualties. The explosion significantly impacted most Armenian-populated areas in the city, causing substantial damage to the community’s businesses, educational, cultural, and media institutions.

Sara Anjargolian talks with CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan about the situation in the Lebanese capital, the Armenian communities' mood and their growing desire to move from Lebanon and settle in Armenia.
15 August, 2020 21:19 The AGBU’s Work to Provide Relief to Beirut CivilNet’s Emilio Cricchio spoke to Ara Vassilian, the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Director of Schools in Lebanon.

AGBU has managed to raise 2 million dollars in only a few days with regards to their Lebanon relief fund, Vassilian discussed this and other topics related to the aftermath of the blast in Beirut.

The relief fund is also still open for donations on the agbugiving.org/Lebanon website.