13 December, 2019 11:22 Symbolic Victory for Armenians: International Media Reactions to the US Senate Resolution "In every previous attempt to politicize history by some members of the US Congress, we reiterated our position to form a group to study it," Altun said. "We expressed that history should not be something that divides nations but unites them," he added in response to the passage of the bill. Turkey denies that the events of 1915 that led to the mass killing of Armenians constitutes a genocide. Ankara's official position is for historians to independently evaluate the events of 1915."

13 December, 2019 07:23 BREAKING: U.S. Senate Unanimously Recognizes Armenian Genocide The U.S. Senate struck a historic blow today against Turkey’s century-long obstruction of justice for the Armenian Genocide, unanimously adopting S.Res.150, an Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA)-backed measure that locks in ongoing U.S. recognition of this crime.

11 December, 2019 19:30 Finland in Armenia: Transferring Expertise and Best Practices Finns held a celebration for their Independence Day in Yerevan. For the occasion, CivilNet’s Ani Paitjan met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Finland to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Arja Makkonen.

Arja Makkonen talks about Finland’s relationship with the three republics of the South Caucasus and democracy, human rights and civil society in Armenia.
11 December, 2019 15:55 Bulk of Armenia’s Population Remain Positive About Country’s Future and Support the Government, IRI Poll Shows The IRI conducted a nationwide poll in which Armenian citizens were surveyed and asked a number of questions on issues like anti-corruption, the economy, and the judiciary.

11 December, 2019 13:35 Armenia’s Football Federation to Elect New Leadership Amidst Political Showdown  Elections for the head of the Armenian Football Federation as well as the 16-member executive body will be held on December 23, amidst the resignations of the former heads of the Armenian Football Federation and the majority of the executive body. Elections have drawn huge public attention, as government involved in tug-of-war over Football Federation.

11 December, 2019 12:57 The Slums of Yerevan — Kond: A Photo Story Next to the warm atmosphered cafes and modernized high-rise buildings in Yerevan resides an isolated and silent city called Kond. Kond, also known as Hin Yerevan, is considered to be one of the oldest districts in Yerevan with an estimated population of 5,000. This unique gem with narrow streets and small stone houses embraces a very special and bleak energy. Frequently, local street artists from different regions of Armenia visit the district to revive the walls of Kond Gallery with color and expression. Although the residences of Yerevan have attempted to forget about this abandoned island, the Kondecis say they never imagine themselves living anywhere else. 11 December, 2019 11:59 Turkey must free jailed rights activist Osman Kavala, rules ECHR The Strasbourg-based court has ruled the prominent businessman and activist was detained in order to silence him. Kavala has been put on trial for attempting to overthrow the government. 10 December, 2019 21:20 STRAIGHT TO THE VILLAGE Returns to CivilNet with a New Season For eight years, Timothy Straight has been traveling around Armenia to take a close look at the projects and businesses in small towns and villages that are changing the country. He has shared insights from people who believe in Armenia’s potential.

“Straight to the Village” is returning to CivilNet with a new season and a new direction. This time, Tim goes more in depth, follows up with previously highlighted projects and provides guidance to support the initiatives in achieving better results. .

Follow Tim on his journey straight to the village.
10 December, 2019 16:39 Yerevan-Istanbul Direct Flights Suspended as Turkish Airline Restructures Turkish airline AtlasGlobal’s direct Yerevan-Istanbul air route, which in normal circumstances operates several times a week, has been suspended since November 26, when the carrier announced it would “temporarily suspend” all flight operations until December 21. According to AtlasGlobal, the suspension comes as the company undertakes extensive restructuring “in order to provide the necessary configuration and improvement” in cash flow. Additionally, the firm announced that all ticket sales would be suspended until December 16. The vast majority of AtlasGlobal’s employees have been placed on leave, and the carrier’s website is not currently available.

9 December, 2019 20:19 Baku Trying Out a New Strategy to Resolve Karabakh Conflict: Petrosrategies Petrostrategies, a French think tank specializing in global energy research, analyses Azerbaijan’s recent economic and political developments. “Baku knows that it is running out of time, as its oil reserves are declining while gas exports can’t earn enough income to replace them. It is trying out a new political strategy to resolve the Karabakh conflict before resorting to arms again, if necessary, as happened in April 2016.” The article was published in the World Energy Weekly, a publication of Petrosrategies.

9 December, 2019 14:47 Soviet Remnants in Modern Armenia: A Photo Story By Emilio Luciano Cricchio
It’s been 28 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, much of the political symbolism of that era has been removed from the cities of the former Soviet Armenia 
Having said that, in Yerevan, some remnants of that time and ideology have been left to linger on
The fun part is that much of those traces, be it hammer and sickle symbols or red stars, can be tucked away and may not stand out to the naked eye
But, spotting some of these historical goodies can be a cause for surprise, especially when you realise that they were under your nose the whole time 
Here’s some examples of just that, vestiges of the past that you can explore yourself throughout Yerevan 
There are some of the obvious examples like the column on top of Sasuntsi Davit Railway Station with iconic socialist heraldry and a red star, also with hammer and sickle symbols incorporated into the columns of the station 

But you need not go that far from the
6 December, 2019 22:00 The Legends: Armenia’s Athletes with Disabilities Find Strength For over a year now, the Armenia’s Disabled Sport Federation has been operating a gym called Legends Gym, where people with disabilities can train for free. Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Stepanyan, founder of the federation, says the goal is to develop disabled sports in Armenia. He is convinced that legends will come out of the gym.

The Legends are preparing for the World Armwrestling Championships that will take place in Poland from December 3 to 9.